Right Bite Seafood Wallet Card

We know that sustainable seafood can be confusing, especially when you need to know how or where the fish was caught. Shedd wants to make your life easier, so we created the Right Bite wallet card — your quick reference guide to environmentally friendly seafood. Simply download a Right Bite wallet card, keep the card in your wallet, on your fridge, or in your purse, and use it when choosing seafood.

The Right Bite wallet card is color-coded for easy reference. The “Best Choices” list is green. These fisheries are in great shape; the populations are healthy, the catch methods are environmentally friendly, or the farms are well-managed. The yellow fish fall into our “Good Alternatives” list. These seafood choices are doing fairly well, although there are still a few concerns with the fishery. The red “Avoid” list consists of seafood choices that absolutely need a break. These fish are either overfished or are fished in a way that causes a bunch of other critters to be caught, too.

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Check out our Issues page to learn more about concerns surrounding fisheries.

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