Teacher Guides

Educator Map
Planning a field trip? Learn the layout of the building before you arrive, and find exhibits your students will love, by using our educator map.

Educator Field Trip Guide
This guide will help you plan a field trip that’s not just educational, but enjoyable and memorable as well. Use our educator guide to plan a field trip that encourages your students to explore and learn about the aquatic world.

Exhibit Guides

Connect the Jellies special exhibit to your classroom. Guides cover concepts of life cycles, anatomy, habitats, classification and jelly blooms.
Grades K-5 Teacher Guide
Grades 6-12 Teacher Guide
Grades K-5 Student Guide
Grades 6-12 Student Guide

Wild Reef teacher and student guides cover topics of ecology, evolution and the relationships between organisms.
Grades K-5 Teacher Guide
Grades 6-12 Teacher Guide
Grades K-5 Student Guide
Grades 6-12 Student Guide

Amazon Rising teacher guides provide exciting classroom connections though the exploration of the region's seasonal survival adaptations, and human impact and conservation.
Grades K-5 Teacher Guide
Grades 6-12 Teacher Guide
Grades K-5 Student Guide
Grades 6-12 Student Guide

Learning Lab Guides

Learning lab guides help prepare your class for a program at Shedd. Find key concepts and details about the programs. Connect your upcoming program to state learning standards. Plan a more focused field trip by learning which exhibits connect to the program you choose and access additional resources to help with further exploration.

Amazon Survival
Camouflaging Critters
Exploring Pathology: Fish Dissection
Exploring Anatomy: Squid Dissection
Icy Adaptations
Lakeshore Ecology
Reef Relationships
Testing the Waters

Ten Fun Finds Maps

Looking for activities for your next field trip? Check out our Ten Fun Finds maps. With these printable PDF maps, you can guide your students through a themed exploration of Shedd's animals.

Shedd Highlights – All-Access
Make Your Own Map!
For Tots
Oceanarium Discoveries
Staying Alive: Animal Adaptations
Cool Moves: Animal Movement
Disguises for Hiding: Animal Camouflage

Conservation guides

Shedd has developed educational materials including videos and teacher guides to support conservation learning around specific topics. Discover more about these collaborative efforts relating to water, food, and energy by following the links below. You will also find interactive ways for you and your students to make a difference within the school.

Download the teacher guide on food in your school, or watch the video:

Download the teacher guide on saving energy, or watch the video:

Download the teacher guide on water conservation, or watch the video:

These guides were produced in partnership with the Illinois Environmental Council, an organization which is a coalition of more than sixty environmental organizations in Illinois. Visit to connect with environmental organizations that can serve as a resource to your classroom.

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