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At Home on the Great Lakes

A part of the Waters of the World original galleries, At Home on the Great Lakes highlights some of the region's most notable—and notorious—animals. Through this exhibit, we hope to inspire you to make a difference in the health of our Great Lakes. Here's a preview of what you'll see on your next visit to Shedd!
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Sturgeon Touch
Meet a species that was around in the days of the dinosaurs! With the guidance of a Shedd staff member, you can gently touch one of Shedd's resident lake sturgeons. The largest fish in the Great Lakes basin, lake sturgeons can reach lengths of up to 9 feet, although they're usually about 3 feet long. In the wild, this bottom-feeder consumes nearly anything it can "vacuum" off the floor of a lake or stream with its downward-pointing mouth, including insects, crustaceans, small clams, snails and even small fishes.

Tell us a story
In our new interactive photo booth, you can record a video of your Great Lakes story, or watch the stories of others. Your connection to the lakes might even be featured here—on our website—or on our Facebook or YouTube accounts!

The latest on the Great Lakes
Don't miss the breaking-news monitor, providing you with real-time updates on basin-wide conservation news and events.

Shedd is committed to protecting the Great Lakes by conducting science and research through collaborative efforts with other Great Lakes organizations, facilitating work between Great Lakes leaders that will develop solutions for tomorrow’s conservation challenges, and offering immersive learning programs and outreach for all ages.

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