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Chicago and the Great Lakes

Lake Michigan has defined Chicago since the retreat of the last glacier. The lake’s southern tip has been a good place to live, from the time it was a wetland with plentiful fishes and waterfowl through today, when the Great Lakes’ largest city stands on its shoreline. And Lake Michigan still provides millions with glacial meltwater to drink. But the lake and its shores are being polluted, degraded and invaded by plant and animal species that threaten native wildlife and their habitats. You can help keep Lake Michigan—and all the Great Lakes—great by partnering with Shedd Aquarium in its conservation efforts.

Join the Great Lakes conservation conversation:  

Lake Michigan’s and the Great Lakes Basin’s Challenges

Shedd Aquarium focuses on four issues that affect everyone and everything in and around Lake Michigan as well as the rest of the Great Lakes basin, from the smallest freshwater mussel to the residents of the cities along the basin’s shoreline: habitat restoration, native species, invasive species and ecological separation. Learn more…

At Home on the Great Lakes
Through the new At Home on the Great Lakes gallery at Shedd Aquarium, we hope to inspire you to make a difference in the health of our Great Lakes.

Volunteer Opportunities and Events
Restore Lake Michigan habitats by signing up for one of Shedd’s Great Lakes Action Days or Adopt-A-Beach events.

Educational Resources
Shedd’s Right Bite sustainable seafood program supports strong sustainable fisheries in the Great Lakes region. Learn more about how to make better seafood choices.

Conservator Partners:

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