Exhibits Database Design Internship

The Exhibit Database assistant intern will have the opportunity to build from the ground up a comprehensive database of our exhibit materials and exhibit elements.  At the beginning of the internship, the intern will need to interview and ask questions of key staff to understand what type of information we need to store in the database and what kinds of functionality we seek. She/he will then work to construct and configure the database to offer the range of needs we seek to fill. The intern will have opportunities to offer creative solutions for documenting and storing diverse types of physical and digital exhibit sources and materials so that they can correlate efficiently with the database. After the database framework is developed, the intern will partner with the Assistant Director of Exhibit Services to identify the various types of exhibit elements and to assess the quality of these materials, so that this information can be added into the comprehensive database. As the internship draws to a close, the intern will help to train the key staff who need to use it and to help develop an efficient plan for database maintenance and upkeep.

Duties & Responsibilities:
• Demonstrate commitment to Shedd’s vision, mission and values. 
• Demonstrate proficiency in database programs.
• Compile large amounts of data and analyze the best way to categorize information.
• Create effective ways to search for information within the database.

Currently attending college studying Information Management, Museum Studies, Information Technology, or Information Architecture. Previous internship or experience in the design of databases preferred, but not required.  Ability to focus clearly and ability to collect and sort information from many sources including onsite investigation.
Strong communication skills and patience are excellent qualities to possess for this internship.. Must be proficient in a database program as well as Excel and Outlook.

Desired year in school: Graduate Student

Desired Majors: Information Management, IT,  Library Science, or Museum Studies

Time Commitment: 2-3 days per week, three months

TO APPLY please submit the following materials to internship@sheddaquarium.org:

- Completed application
- A cover letter
- A resume outlining your academic and professional experience
- Two (2) letters of recommendation

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