Animal Care Press Kit

With 32,000 animals at Shedd Aquarium, imagine the expertise required to maintain the health of a collection that runs the gamut from seahorse to sea turtle, Magellanic penguin to Pacific white-sided dolphin. Animal care is the No. 1 priority at Shedd. What does that mean? Whether it’s providing training and enrichment to a beluga calf, discovering new ways to diagnose and treat sea stars, or developing special rehabilitation programs for a blind sea lion, the aquarium is dedicated to the health and welfare of each of our animals.

Fact sheets

Recent news

Dr. Matt O’Connor joins Shedd’s world-class animal health division

Dr. Matt O'ConnorShedd Aquarium, a global leader in aquatic animal health and medicine, announces the addition of Matt O’Connor, DVM, MPVM, to its decorated team of animal care professionals at the A. Watson Armour III Center for Animal Health and Welfare. Continue Reading>

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It’s a boy! Rockhopper penguin chick gender confirmed as molting season begins at Shedd

penguin chick gender revealAs Shedd Aquarium’s three-month-old rockhopper penguin chick is quickly reaching new development milestones, animal care staff has confirmed that the newest addition at the aquarium is a male. The gender was determined by a genetic test conducted during a recent check-up. Continue Reading>

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Shedd’s dolphin calf to make public debut Saturday, July 18

Dolphin calfShedd Aquarium’s male Pacific white-sided dolphin calf will make its public debut in the Abbott Oceanarium’s Secluded Bay July 18, after six-weeks of bonding with mother Piquet and achieving several critical milestones. Continue Reading>

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Meet chick #23, Shedd Aquarium's newest rockhopper penguin

Rockhopper penguinShedd Aquarium welcomes chick #23, a rockhopper penguin hatched Tuesday, June 9, 2015 to parents Edward and Annie following penguin breeding season in March.Guests can try to spot chick #23 in Shedd’s Polar Play Zone, where it is currently in its nest with its parents. Continue Reading> 

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Bouncing baby dolphin is a…boy!

Piquet & calfShedd Aquarium revealed today that its five-day-old addition, a Pacific white-sided dolphin calf, is a male. Born June 1 at 12:10 a.m., the calf has surpassed several critical milestones in its development, including taking his first breath, bonding with mom, nursing and learning to slipstream – a technique that allows the calf to save energy by swimming in his mother’s wake. Continue Reading>

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Pacific White-Sided Dolphin Calf Born at Shedd Aquarium

PiquetShedd Aquarium, a leader in animal care and welfare, announced today that one of its Pacific white-sided dolphins (Lagenorhynchus obliquidens), Piquet (pee-KEHT), gave birth to a healthy calf at approximately 12:10 a.m. on June 1.  Both mother and calf appear to be doing well and will remain under 24-hour observation by Shedd’s animal care staff for several months.  Continue Reading>

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Meet Luna, Shedd Aquarium’s rescued sea otter pup!

otter pupOn Friday, December 12, Shedd Aquarium, a recognized leader in animal care and conservation, along with ABC’s Good Morning America officially announced the name of its female rescued southern sea otter pup (Enhydra lutris nereis) known as Pup 681. Over 10,000 votes were tallied from the “Name the Sea Otter Pup” voting contest which took place between Dec. 2 and Dec. 11 and the winning name is…Luna! Continue Reading>  

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