Right Bite

It’s no mystery that the world’s oceans are facing significant challenges. Overfishing, habitat loss and ocean acidification are just a few of the major issues affecting the open seas and all the life that depends on them. But the reality is, humans depend on healthy oceans too. That’s why Shedd is committed to supporting sustainable seafood — to protect the wild counterparts of the animals in our care and ensure future generations of humans have access to healthy, sustainable seafood.

Through Shedd’s Right Bite program, each of us can be a culinary conservationist, supporting healthy, abundant oceans through what we choose to put on our plate.

How you can help

Your seafood choices can have a big impact on the health of our waters worldwide. Use the Right Bite sustainable seafood wallet guide to inform your seafood choices.


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Try these simple tasty recipes that will surprise your friends and family—and they’re 100 percent sustainable!


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