Dr. Tse-Lynn Loh

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Dr. Tse-Lynn Loh continues Shedd’s regional efforts in Southeast Asia through a joint position co-supervised by Shedd’s longtime conservation partner, Project Seahorse. Dr. Loh is working in Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia to generate a dynamic distribution map of all seahorses and establish new long-term study sites. She has extensive experience with public outreach in Southeast Asia, including cofounding a marine conservation organization in Singapore that has introduced thousands of Singaporeans to life along their local shorelines, which makes her an ideal candidate to develop a new citizen science seahorse monitoring program in the region. She received her PhD in marine biology in 2012 from the University of North CarolinaWilmington. 


Dr. Tse-Lynn Loh, Research Associate
The best part of my job is working with local researchers and community members on conservation issues in the field and learning about their culture and language. 

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