Learning Labs Grades 3-5

Available Sept. 8, 2014, to June 5, 2015

Programs for grades 3 through 5 are available on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. They can accommodate up to 35 students and are $95 for a 50-minute program.

Be sure to check out our learning lab guides to accompany the lessons below!

Reef Relationships

Examine life in a coral reef ecosystem to discover a complex food web. Students delve into predator/prey interactions to understand the specialized feeding adaptations and behaviors animals need to make a living on the reef.

Key concepts: adaptations, predator/prey relationships, ecosystems, food webs

Skills: comparing and contrasting, collaboration, observation, experimentation

Resources: Download the Reef Relationships Learning Lab Guide.

Amazon Survival

Trek into the Amazon flooded forest to discover how the seasonal cycles of high and low water shape life along the river. Students explore what adaptations enable animals—and people—to take advantage of this dynamic environment.

Key concepts: experimentation, adaptations, form and function, relationships

Skills: observation, team work, collaboration, inquiry, problem solving

Resources: Download the Amazon Survival Learning Lab Guide.

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