Learning Labs Grades 9-12

Available Sept. 9, 2013, to June 6, 2014

Programs for grades 9 through 12 are available on Mondays and Wednesdays. They can accommodate up to 30 students and are $125 for a 90-minute program.

Be sure to check out our learning lab guides to accompany the lessons below!

Exploring Pathology: Fish Dissection

Through a hands-on dissection, students play the role of Shedd’s animal health team in this problem-based learning lab. Students use various pathology procedures to diagnose the health of their specimen. Learn how a necropsy can be a vital tool in caring for an animal collection.

Key concepts: adaptations, physiology, anatomy, pathology, forensics, animal health

Skills: scientific investigation and method, collaboration and communication, group work, inquiry, qualitative and quantitative data collection.

Resources: Download Exploring Pathology: Fish Dissection Learning Lab Guide.

Great Lakes: Testing the Waters

Students go behind the scenes at Shedd and apply problem-based learning to explore an imbalance in a Great Lakes ecosystem. Students explore exhibit habitats and perform water-quality tests. They are then challenged to interpret their results to evaluate the health of the Great Lakes and some of its fish populations.

Key concepts: invasive species, ecology, ecosystems, human impact, population dynamics

Skills: scientific investigation and method, collaboration and communication, data collection and analysis, presentation, inquiry

Resources: Download Great Lakes: Testing the Waters Learning Lab Guide

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