Learning Labs K-Grade 2

Programs for kindergarten through grade 2 are available on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. They can accommodate up to 35 students and are $95 for a 50-minute program.

Be sure to check out our learning lab guides to accompany the lessons below!

Camouflaging Critters

Bodies that look like leaves, logs, ice floes and seafloors: Camouflage comes in many shapes and colors. With one of the aquarium animals as a model, students see firsthand the role camouflage plays between animals and their habitats. The scientific process comes to life as students observe, predict and report results.

Key concepts: camouflage, adaptations, habitats, predator/prey relationships, behavior

Skills: categorization, predictions, modeling, grouping, observation

Resources: Download the Camouflaging Critters Learning Lab Guide

Icy Adaptations

Take a closer look at Shedd’s Abbott Oceanarium animals. Students investigate and explore some of the adaptations that enable beluga whales, sea otters and penguins to survive in their icy habitats.

Key concepts: adaptations, animal behavior, insulation, anatomy

Skills: identification, comparing and contrasting, data organization, group work, experimentation, investigation

Resources: Download the Icy Adaptations Learning Lab Guide

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Connecting to the Standards

Shedd's learning labs are designed to connect with the Next Generation Science Standards and Common Core Standards. Learn more information here.

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