Great Lakes Science Teacher Badging

The Great Lakes Science badging program is a new professional development opportunity for educators!

This free online program allows you to work at your own pace as you accomplish “missions” (activities) related to Great Lakes environmental literacy, science literacy and 21st-century skills. Teachers are awarded digital badges for their missions and skill building, which can be displayed on resumes and social networks.

The Shedd Aquarium has partnered with National Louis University to bring students participating in the Great Lakes Badging experience an opportunity to earn one semester hour of graduate credit. To receive credit, students must complete their badging requirements during an NLU academic term. Please refer to NLU’s academic calendar for term start and end dates. Spring 2014: March 31, 2014 thru June 22, 2014. Tuition is $148 per semester hour. For more information, visit National Louis’ Center for Professional Development or call 847-947-5247.

Eligible states for NLU graduate credit.

This program is open to in-service and pre-service teachers. Illinois teachers are eligible to receive 20 CPDUs upon completion.

Project partially funded by the USDA Forest Service, Eastern Region.

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Program outcomes

Every Shedd program is evaluated so we never stop learning from you. Here’s what we’ve learned from our participants about Great Lakes Teacher Badging:  

 • Great Lakes Teacher Badging grows teachers’ knowledge of science, confidence teaching science and use of resources to do so.

 • Online badging breaks down and simplifies information to scaffold and motivate learning in enjoyable ways.

 • As a means of professional development, badging provides engaging and interactive activities, valuable instructor feedback and relevant information.

 • One participant noted, “The course changed the way I approach science and renewed my enthusiasm for it.”

What our participants had to say

The course changed the way I approach science and renewed my enthusiasm for it."