Asian Carp Exploration Curriculum

Shedd Aquarium, a leader in Great Lakes conservation and education, is proud to present a first-of-its-kind online STEM curriculum, Asian Carp Exploration. Designed for 7th-through 9th- grades, this curriculum allows students to explore the complex issues surrounding aquatic invasive species like Asian carp in the Great Lakes. Created to be adapted to any classroom format with many Next Generation Science Standard connections, teachers and students can become specialists in different areas of this real-time issue. Each specialty area presents tailored content, options for student-driven exploration and multiple stakeholders' perspectives. The curriculum also allows for students to analyze each situation and propose their own ideas and recommendations to address the Asian carp issue in a YouTube video submitted to Shedd. All videos will be viewed by Shedd experts and one outstanding Chicago-area video will be chosen to be shot professionally at the school by Shedd's media team and posted to Shedd's website.

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