Dog Days at Shedd

Coming Spring 2015!

Since the summer of 2013, Shedd Aquarium has adopted four dogs from Chicago-area shelters. These animals connect guests to living world, highlighting the “Shedd Way” of training through positive reinforcement and demonstrating how each of us can build strong relationships with the animals in our lives. Stay tuned for more information about Shedd’s first ever Dog Days at Shedd event to raise funds for the care of 32,000 animals that call Shedd home and to celebrate the rescue & rehabilitation of Bruce, Coral, Dory and Marlin, resident dogs at the aquarium. Make no bones about it - you can make a difference in their lives today! 

You can get a sneak peek of the "Shedd way" of training with this article from Tails Magazine

Dog Days at Shedd is a human-friendly festival, featuring Shedd’s rescued dogs and providing informative content for when you return to your pets at home! No pets will be permitted to the event.

This event is being rescheduled from its original date on September 21, 2014. Thank you for supporting Shedd Aquarium!