• Meet the Belugas

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    As the beluga whales glide in, around, out of and back into their Abbott Oceanarium habitats, a swirl of long white shapes, you might wonder, “How many whales am I actually seeing? How do the trainers tell them apart?”

    With a few key characteristics and enough whales within view to make comparisons, you can begin to figure out who’s whom among Shedd’s seven belugas and even get some insights into their social relationships.

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  • Breathing Life into the Great Lakes: Understanding and Conserving Our Own Backyard

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    Chicago—and Shedd Aquarium—lie at the southern threshold of Lake Michigan. Its waves form a gentle background to our city soundscape. We watch its yearly transformation from summer’s peaceful blues to blankets of icy white to tempestuous grays during the temperamental months of spring. Like our oceans, the Great Lakes are a massive refuge within our global system, containing 20 percent of the world’s surface fresh water and supporting more than 3,500 animal and plant species. 

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  • High School Summer Science with Shedd

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    What did you do this summer? At Shedd Aquarium, 46 Chicago-area teens got a taste of scientific research through two immersive learning experiences, High School Marine Biology and High School Lake Ecology. After studies and preparation in Shedd’s classroom labs, they plunged into nature’s classroom.

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  • A Perfect Visit for Adults

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    Shedd Aquarium is a wonderful place to go with chums or by yourself for a much-needed self-care day. Whether you need to escape the office, your apartment, or the weather, swim on over for fun and exciting experiences.

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  • Iguana Saga: A Conservation Quest in the Bahamas

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    We’ve been trekking over jagged rock and mangrove roots in the sweltering Bahamian heat for more than an hour. It’s almost noon, and like the sun, the temperature is hitting its peak. The unforgiving terrain has already claimed one of our nets and a shoe from a member of the group. Some of us have stopped to survey the area before moving on over jagged, ankle-twisting holes hidden by brush and fallen leaves. 

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