• A New Aquarium Conservation Partnership

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    Every year, 8.8 million tons of plastic pollution enter our oceans. This tide of trash is overwhelming the animals that call aquatic habitats home, with dire results for species such as seabirds, sea otters and sea turtles.

    The solution is in our hands. By making better choices about the plastics we use, we can all ensure that our future oceans have more fish than plastic.

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  • Shedd Experts Help Rescue Stranded Canadian Beluga

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    On Thursday, June 15, members of Shedd’s Animal Response Team brought their expertise in working with beluga whales to a daring binational rescue and relocation of a beluga whale that had apparently strayed from his herd and home waters in the St. Lawrence River in Québec.

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  • Decades Later, Scientist Reunites with Sea Turtle He Saved

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    Before his visit to Shedd Aquarium, marine biologist Matt Finn, Ph.D., hadn’t seen sea turtle Nickel for nearly 20 years. Even then, long ago, their time together had been brief, an afternoon on a boat near Florida’s Buttonwood Bay. That chance encounter had an outsized impact, however. It saved one life and influenced millions of others, letting Shedd guests come face to face with a spectacular sea turtle—and a symbol for animal rescue efforts.

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  • Shedd Responders Help Alaska Sea Otter Pup

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    When animals are in urgent need, Shedd Aquarium responds. That’s why two members of our Animal Response Team were at the Alaska SeaLife Center, in Seward, recently, contributing to around-the-clock care for a rescued—and adorable—sea otter pup

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  • From the CEO: A Wave of Change at Shedd Aquarium

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    At Shedd Aquarium, we connect you, as well as millions of guests with the natural world every day. Together we inspire people to care about animals and protect the Earth's beautiful water systems. Today, I’m excited to share that we’re building on our legacy with a new mission – one that boldly brings our passion for connecting people to the natural world front and center.

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