• From the CEO: A Wave of Change at Shedd Aquarium

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    At Shedd Aquarium, we connect you, as well as millions of guests with the natural world every day. Together we inspire people to care about animals and protect the Earth's beautiful water systems. Today, I’m excited to share that we’re building on our legacy with a new mission – one that boldly brings our passion for connecting people to the natural world front and center.

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  • Surgery for a Sawfish

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    We take care with how, and how much, we handle animals at Shedd Aquarium, and that’s especially true for Ginsu, the green sawfish in Wild Reef. For the well-being of the 375-pound fish and the team that cares for her, keeping a safe distance is the best policy unless she absolutely requires hands-on attention. In mid-summer 2015, she did. The resulting chain of events would set veterinary precedent in a procedure involving Shedd’s largest fish and one of its highest-profile animals. 

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  • African Penguins: A Species at the Survival Crossroads

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    The African penguin is on the Association of Zoos and Aquarium’s top 10 list of endangered animals in need of immediate and intensive conservation measures.

    Even before AZA included the 2-foot-tall penguins that bray like a donkey in its SAFE (Saving Animals From Extinction) program, which is supported by Shedd Aquarium and 231 other AZA-member organizations, we were working side by side with South African conservationists to keep these birds afloat.

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  • Virtual Reality: Bringing Shedd Aquarium to Learners in 360

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    When we have programing that takes place off site, the Shedd Learning team members have to ask themselves, “How can we bring the experience of viewing Shedd Aquarium’s exhibits and animals to children?” For the Park Voyagers program, which takes place at Chicago Park District sites, our answer was to use virtual reality (VR) headsets to show kids 360-degree videos of those exhibits at Shedd Aquarium.

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  • Our Volunteers: Shedd Wouldn’t Be the Same without Them

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    It’s National Volunteer Week: Do you know where Shedd’s volunteers are?

    They’re just about everywhere around the aquarium, hard at work. You can usually spot these MVPs—most valuable partners—by their navy T-shirts with the orange-and-white volunteer logo on the left sleeve: a clownfish in an anemone, symbolic of one of the best-known symbiotic relationships. For more than 100 Shedd volunteers, a wetsuit is part of the uniform too.

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