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  • Iguanas Changed My Life

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    It hardly seems like 20 years ago this month since a fresh-faced aquarist named Chuck Knapp started studying iguanas in the Bahamas. Long-time Shedd members have followed his exploits—and many have been a part of them on our iguana research expeditions.

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  • Good News from Guyana

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    Last week postdoctoral research associate Dr. Lesley de Souza returned to Shedd from her third field season in Guyana studying arapaimas, South America’s largest freshwater fish. She shares her latest experiences here.

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  • Seahorses, Conservation and You

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    For World Oceans Day, we asked Shedd postdoctoral research associate Dr. Tse-Lynn Loh, shown here in her “office,” to write about her fieldwork with seahorses.

    People ask me how I can be a marine biologist if I live in Chicago. Well, I work at Shedd Aquarium!

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  • Celebrating—and Learning from—the Marine Mammals

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    A visit to Shedd Aquarium isn’t complete without saying hi to the beluga whales and Pacific white-sided dolphins in the Abbott Oceanarium. And now is a great time to visit and wish dolphin calf Sagu a happy second birthday on May 28!

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  • World Wildlife Day

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    Organizations like Shedd Aquarium are pivotal when it comes to inspiring guests to care for animals and habitats in every corner of the Earth. In a letter from industry leaders find out more about why we care so much about our work and the impact it has globally.

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