About Shedd


This is what we know at Shedd: Leadership is all about shaping followers and futures.

When we talk about leadership at Shedd, it’s not just about the folks at the top. We’re talking about cultivating leadership at all levels of the organization. This happens when everyone on the team experiences the sense of pride and ownership that comes from a job well done. This is the Shedd way.

There’s something else about leadership we’ve learned at Shedd: It doesn’t happen overnight. It comes from hard work. And we’ve earned the recognition and respect of our colleagues. This makes us proud and inspires us to do our best every day. It’s not about ego. It’s about excellence.

Being proud and inspired is something Shedd’s leaders have all had in common.  Here’s an amazing fact: Since 1924, we’ve only had four directors. That says a lot about leadership — and job satisfaction.


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