Jazzin' Science Pub

Jazzin’ at the Shedd hits a high note with a new opportunity, the Jazzin’ science pub. On select dates, meet a Shedd researcher and learn about his or her work in an informal setting where you can relax, enjoy a beverage and ask questions. Our next series of Science Pubs will be announced soon! Check back for updates and be sure to check out last year’s science pub topics below. 

June 18: Dr. Chuck Knapp
Dr. Knapp has spent nearly 20 years studying endangered iguanas in the “other” Bahamas—remote, rugged islands reached by Shedd’s research vessel. Learn about the discoveries and accomplishments coming out of this project, which also involves citizen scientists, college students and conservationists in the Bahamas.

July 23: Dr. Solomon David 
“Dinosaur Fishes in the Modern Era”
Ancient fishes that swam during dinosaur times are still among us (including in Shedd’s Great Lakes and Rivers galleries). Some of them are monstrous, most of them are misunderstood. How have they survived, and what can they teach us about conservation, restoration and even the human genome?

August 20: Dr. Bill Van Bonn
What is a microbiome and what does it have to do with the aquarium? If this piques your curiosity, join us to explore the unseen hordes of living organisms that share the world with each of us. The invisible world of microbes is increasingly recognized as important in the day-to-day living of both people and the animals that we care for.

September 3: William Hana
As a member of the quarantine team, William Hana welcomes new residents to Shedd Aquarium. His team is responsible for processing and transitioning new residents into their permanent habitats throughout the aquarium. Working closely with various departments, the Quarantine area serves as both a biosecurity center to prevent the spread of communicable diseases and as a welcome center to provide husbandry support for new animals.

William Hana is the collection manager of Quarantine, but he started out working in the Animal Health department. He has 17 years of experience working with fish parasites and special husbandry care for animals in need of special care. In this session, you will learn the process of bringing in animals and how vested the aquarium is in providing the best care for our new guests.

October 30: Lana Vanagasem
Marine mammal expert Lana Vanagasem discusses the science behind training our penguins and how Shedd helps penguins around the world as we apply what we learn from the animals in our care outside Shedd’s walls.