Stingray Touch

Stingray Touch is open seasonally from late-May to October.

How do you think a stingray feels? Soft, like a pillow? Squishy, like a marshmallow? How about scratchy, like sandpaper? There's only one way to find out — at Shedd's Stingray Touch experience. 

Dip your hand into a shallow tropical pool and discover the unique texture and movement of a school of stingrays as these fascinating fish glide through the water in Shedd's first outdoor environment. You'll also learn how we care for all of the stingrays living at Shedd and how your actions can protect them in the wild. 


Stingray Touch is included with the purchase of a Total Experience Pass, Shedd VIP ticket or CityPASS ticket.

For $5 a person, it can be added to the Shedd Pass. 

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