Spring into Shedd

A new year means fun new activities at Shedd (plus some old favorites too)! Get ready for the spring season with our exciting overnights, discount days and more!

Butterfly fishWant to spend the night at Shedd? Join our Asleep with the Fishes Overnight for an evening adventure underneath the ocean. 

Sea OtterIf you're planning on visiting Shedd soon, be sure to check out our calendar and plan a visit pages to make the most of your time here!

Small frog in the palm of someone's handThe weather isn't the only thing that will be changing! Visit our Amphibians special exhibit to see the changing life cycles of 40 species of frogs, salamanders and more!

Gain priority entry to Shedd

Tired of waiting in line? There are a variety of ways to get faster entry into Shedd!

Spring Break Camp

Kids in grades 3-5 can get up close and personal with Shedd's animals, visit behind-the-scenes work areas and travel to local natural areas to learn more about the amazing animals we care for at Shedd, during our Spring Break Camp. Registration is now open!

Behind the Scenes Tour

Ever wonder what's happening behind the scenes at Shedd? Take a tour behind the galleries and view the aquarium from a new angle, see where nutritious meals are prepared for some of our 32,000 animals and witness Shedd Aquarium at work.

Special offers

You’ll find ways to save, along with other offers here.


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