Washed Ashore

A 12-foot shark. A 16-foot parrotfish. An 8-foot-wide octopus.

Beginning in September 2017, Shedd Aquarium will host these and 16 more outsized portrayals of aquatic animals in "Washed Ashore: Art to Save the Sea." Making its Great Lakes debut, this stunning traveling exhibit of massive sculptures is made entirely from plastic marine debris.

The collection in the year-long exhibition also include a rockhopper penguin, seahorse, sea jellies, clownfish and anemone, and sea lion pup. By tying plastic garbage to these beloved Shedd species, the sculptures offer guests the powerful message that the ocean’s deadliest predator is trash.

Artist and Washed Ashore founder Angela Haseltine Pozzi and an army of volunteers have worked magic in creating realistic representations of marine animals, using flip-flops, straws, packing straps, beverage bottles, toothbrushes and millions more pieces of plastic in every color of the rainbow.

Included in Shedd's general admission, this unforgettable installation celebrates the diversity of life beneath the surface while vividly illustrating the magnitude of the threat plastic trash poses. Join us in sharing these wonders—and inspiring Shedd’s nearly 2 million annual guests to take action to protect our oceans.

Check back soon for more information about Washed Ashore!

Photo: ©WashedAshore.org