raised to support Shedd’s world-class animal care, conservation and
Learning Programs

25,446 Shedd
member households

supporting connections with the living world

$45,000 raised

to support #AnOtterYear of care for Shedd’s sea otters on
Giving Tuesday

34 Aquarium Council member families

committed to support the Amphibians Special Exhibit since its launch in 2015

41 one-of-a-kind member events

to connect with Shedd’s strongest supporters

in “Keep the Change” donations

from Shedd guests who agreed to round up their
purchase at the register

112,000 hours of time and talent

 donated by Shedd volunteers

803 corporate partner

employees volunteered to reduce Great Lakes pollution and maintain
diverse habitats along the shores of Lake Michigan

Impact snapshots





Your Contributions

Thank you to Shedd’s generous supporters. Our momentum wouldn’t be possible without you.

Sparking compassion, curiosity and conservation
for the aquatic animal world.

Shedd Aquarium, a not-for-profit, tax-exempt organization, gratefully acknowledges
the sustaining contributions of the people of Chicago, State of Illinois and Chicago Park District. Shedd is an accredited member of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums
and is Humane Conservation Certified by American Humane.

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raised to support Shedd’s world-class animal care, conservation and Learning Programs

25,446 Shedd
member households

supporting connections with the living world

$45,000 raised

to support #AnOtterYear of care for Shedd’s sea otters
on Giving Tuesday

34 Aquarium Council member families

committed to support the Amphibians Special Exhibit since its launch
in 2015

41 one-of-a-kind member events

to connect with Shedd’s strongest supporters

in “Keep the Change” donations

from Shedd guests who agreed to round up their purchase
at the register

112,000 hours of time and talent

 donated by Shedd volunteers

803 corporate partner

Impact snapshots

Your Contributions

Thank you to Shedd’s generous supporters. Our momentum wouldn’t be possible without you.

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Shedd Aquarium

2016 annual report


Your Contributions

Thank you to Shedd’s generous supporters. Our momentum wouldn’t be possible without you.


Gala 2016: Dark Waters

BLU: Celebrating 10 Years

Fore! the Animals

Impact snapshots

Annual Fund

We gratefully acknowledge the generous support of the individuals, corporations, foundations and government agencies that made contributions to the Annual Fund between January 1 and December 31, 2016


  • Individuals
    President’s Circle ($50,000+)

    Anonymous (2)

    Family of Barry Crown, Bruce and Deborah Crown

    Kathryn and John Gilbertson

    The Grainger Foundation

    Daniel P. Haerther Trust

    Mr. and Mrs. Harry Hostetler

    Maryellen and Richard Keyser

    David and Lesly Koo

    Bruce K. and Jennifer L. Lee

    Harvey L. Miller Supporting Foundation

    Kenneth F. and Harle G. Montgomery Foundation

    Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Morrison

    Nancy S. Searle

    SF Foundation

    Shaw Family Supporting Organization

    Sandi Simon

    Mr. and Mrs. Stephen B. Smith

    Ventana Charitable Foundation

  • Steward ($25,000–49,999)

    Mr. and Mrs. Stephen P. Bent

    Mr. and Mrs. Kelley A. Bergstrom

    Mr. William P. Braker

    Mrs. Lauran Bromley and Mrs. Myrna Bromley

    Paul and Amy Carbone

    Mr. and Mrs. Dave Davis

    Ms. Mia Celano and Mr. Noel L. Dunn

    David and Paula Epstein

    Rick and Dixie Erwin

    Ty and Anne Fahner

    Mr. and Mrs. Richard Frain

    Sarah and John Garvey

    Katie and Brent Gledhill

    Patrick and Ligia Goodwillie, The Wege Foundation

    Sarah and Jonathan Graham

    Mr. and Mrs. Anders Gustafsson

    Ms. Jill Jollay

    Dr. Ann L. Jones and Mr. Gregory K. Jones

    Mr. and Mrs. Brian A. Kenney

    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas N. King

    Tara and Cary Kochman

    Anne E. and Robert D. Krebs

    Mr. and Mrs. Matthew C. Levin

    Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Livingston

    Mr. Peter Shedd Reed

    The Sangreal Foundation

    Souder Family Foundation

    Ms. Jane L. Warner and Mr. John Hegener

  • Conservator ($10,000–24,999)

    Anonymous (4)

    Dan and Mary Armour and Family

    Mr. and Mrs. Walter W. Bell

    Cheryl and Carl Belles

    Mr. and Mrs. Edward Benford

    Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Bensen

    Mr.* and Mrs. Philip D. Block III

    Mr. and Mrs. Joseph S. Braik

    Buchanan Family Foundation

    Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Burke, Sr.

    Mr. Timothy G. Carroll

    Mr. and Mrs. William J. Chase

    Dr. Kirsten Collister and Mr. Richard Collister

    Comer Family Foundation

        Mrs. Gary Comer

        Ms. Stephanie Comer and Mr. Robert Craigie

    Karen and Tuey Connell, Butler Family Foundation

    Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Connelly

    Mrs. Laura Armour Cook

    Mr. Jeffrey L. Dennis, H. C. D. Foundation

    Kandye and Scott Dille

    Gretchen M. Hoffmann and Joseph S. Doherty

    Ms. Monica Donath

    Jim and Shanda Drury

    Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Elbert

    The Joseph & Bessie Feinberg Foundation

    Paul Galvin Memorial Foundation Trust

    Mr. and Mrs. James J. Glasser

    Glasser and Rosenthal Family

    Joyce and Timothy Greening

    Mr. and Mrs. James T. Hamman

    Mr. and Mrs. John B. Harris

    Mr. and Mrs. Matthew C. Harris

    Sarah and Peter Harrison

    HBB Foundation

    Kimberlee S. Herold

    Kelly and Todd Hondru

    Mr. and Mrs. Mark Hoyt

    Mr. and Mrs. Darrell Hubbard

    Howard Isenberg

    Kate and Jonathan Jackson

    Dr. H. Fisk Johnson III

    Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Keiser

    Dr. and Mrs. Alan C. Keyes

    Christopher and Nicole Klingenstein

    Mr. and Mrs. R. Stribling Koster

    Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Larkins

    Lavin Family Foundation

    Mr. and Mrs. John W. Madigan

    Mr. and Mrs. David Malliband

    Charles and Amy Marlas

    Mason Foundation Inc.

    Mr. Douglas McClure

    Mr. and Mrs. John V.N. McClure

    Mr. and Mrs. J. Jay Miller

    Mr. and Mrs. John D. Nichols III

    CJ Oates and Dr. Heather Heiberger

    Ellen and Jim O'Connor

    Marian and Al Pawlick

    Jane Perkins

    PFK Family Foundation

    Laura and John F. Podjasek III

    Mrs. Angela Chalberg Pool and Mr. Mark Pool

    Jim and Ginevra Reed Ralph

    Ms. Helen S. Reed

    Susan Regenstein and Barry Frank

    The Regenstein Foundation

    Merle Reskin

    Julie and Don Rocap

    Mr. Alex Ross

    Mr. and Mrs. Patrick G. Ryan, Jr.

    Gregory H. Sachs

    Mr. and Mrs. John Sandner

    Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd A. Semple, Jr.

    Jeanine M. Sheehan

    Bill and Stephanie Sick

    Louis and Nellie Sieg Fund

    Joseph and Shannon Simon

    Andrew F. and Celia M. Sinclair

    Guy and Linda Snyder

    Barbara Ann Steel Charitable Foundation

    Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Stucker

    Jamie and Robert Taylor

    Mr. and Mrs. Thys Wallace

    Ms. Dana Waud

    Mr. and Mrs. Steve Weller

  • Guardian ($5,000–9,999)


    Mr. E. M. Bakwin

    The Baryl Family

    Alvin H. Baum Family Fund on behalf of Mr. and Mrs. Joel Friedman

    Cheryl and Carl Belles

    Mr. and Mrs. Richard Blommer

    Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Brown

    Mr. and Mrs. Roger Brown

    Judy and Steven Brown

    Mr. Timothy G. Carroll

    Dr. Deborah E. Weber and Dr. Norman Chapman

    Joyce Chelberg

    Mr. Froilan P. Concepcion

    Carolyn and Wes Cornwell

    The Corwith Fund

    Mr. and Mrs. Alfred E. D'Ancona III

    Mr. and Mrs. Dave Davis

    Mr. and Mrs. Robert O. Delaney, Jr.

    Kimberly Hamill Dietz and Jay Dietz

    Mr. and Mrs. James Drury IV

    Ms. Mia Celano and Mr. Noel L. Dunn

    Deborah and Garry Eades

    Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Ellis

    Jeanne Boxer-Ettelson and John R. Ettelson

    Mrs. Jerome L. Ettelson

    Mary and Bruce Feay

    Joan McCormack Ferrill

    Ms. Joan Gilboy

    Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Godfrey

    Kenneth Griffin on behalf of Citadel

    Mr. and Mrs. Jack Hammond III

    Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Hartman

    Mr. and Mrs. Yale Henderson

    Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Holzheimer

    Mr. and Mrs. Mark Hoyt

    Maria R. Hrycelak MD and Park Ridge Pediatrics

    Mr. and Mrs. J. Thomas Hurvis

    Mr. and Mrs. Harris Hyman IV

    Mr. and Mrs. John Jawor

    Jamee C. Field

    John and Laurel Kasang

    Dan Kobayashi and Kobotech, Inc.

    Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Larkins

    The Lefkofsky Family Foundation

    Mr. and Mrs. Alex Levy

    Josephine P. and John J. Louis Foundation

    Mr. and Mrs. John Jeffry Louis III

    Mrs. Norris M. Love

    Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Makarski

    Mr. and Mrs. David Malliband

    Mr. and Mrs. W. David Mangel

    Sandy and Jerry Manne

    Charles and Amy Marlas

    Robert and Judy Marth

    Mr. and Mrs. John Mengelt

    Catharon and Brian Miller

    Mr. Lester Murschell

    Mr. and Mrs. John D. Nichols III

    Jeffrey Ollada

    Mr. and Mrs. William A. Osborn

    Mr. and Mrs. Bradford Page

    Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Patrick

    Ms. Delphine Pontvieux

    Henry Pope Foundation

    Ms. Helen A. Porten

    Jim and Ginevra Reed Ralph

    Mr. and Mrs. John Shedd Reed, Jr.

    Merle Reskin

    The Ringer Family

    Mr. and Mrs. Patrick G. Ryan, Jr.

    Linda E. Salisbury

    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Sheffield III

    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Smith

    Mr. and Mrs. Steve Solomon

    The Stewart Foundation

    Mr. and Mrs. Robert Stoettner

    Supernova Companies and Tom and Sarah Anderson

    Mr. and Mrs. David Sweet

    Tawani Foundation

    Mr. Joseph S. Tiritilli

    Rose and Robert Wagner

    James M. Woodbury

    Mr. and Mrs. Dan Zagorin

  • Fellow ($2,500–4,999)

    Anonymous (2)

    Mr. and Mrs. Chris Abbinante

    Jim Anderson

    Mr. Kevin Applegate and Ms. Bo Banks

    Mr. Charles Asiyanbi and Mrs. Joycelynn Watkins-Asiyanbi

    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Barta

    Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery Barton

    Mr. Thomas R. Baryl

    Mr. and Mrs. Warren L. Batts

    Alvin H. Baum Family Fund on behalf of Mr. and Mrs. Joel Friedman

    Mr. and Mrs. Ted A. Beattie

    Eric, Nancy, Nic & Nate Beaumont

    Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. Becht

    Dr. John and Mrs. Jean Beckerman

    Mr. and Mrs. Philip D. Block IV

    Kate and Paul Bradley

    Mr. and Mrs. James E. Bramsen

    Mr. and Mrs. Roger Brown

    Mr. and Mrs. David M. Buck

    The Buettner Family Foundation for Leigh and Al Buettner

    Mr. and Mrs. Matt Canna

    Mr. and Mrs. Lennin Carrion

    Mr. David S. Chen and Ms. Brandon Yates

    Nathaniel Clapp

    Alexandra and Aaron Colin

    Combs Family Foundation

    Mr. Froilan P. Concepcion

    Dr. Bridget C. Coughlin and Dr. Brian Wegner

    Eugene M. Cummings

    Mr. and Mrs. Alfred E. D'Ancona III

    Ms. Madi Davis

    Kimberly Hamill Dietz and Jay Dietz

    Richard A. Ditton

    Mr. Jack Donohew

    Mr. William D. Drehkoff and Ms. Kate Protextor

    Deborah and Garry Eades

    Mr. and Mrs. Robert Early

    Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Eisen

    Timothy S. Eisler

    Jonathan Elliot

    Ms. Mikiann England

    Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Fellows

    Ms. Susan Beal-Frangella and Mr. Patrick Frangella

    The Friedman Family

    Donald and Martha Garnett

    Mr. and Mrs. Robert Griffith

    Janet and Paul Grogan

    Mr. and Mrs. Anuj Gupta

    John and Dana Hagenah

    Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan C. Hamill, Hamill Family Foundation

    Mr. Scott Hensley

    Ms. Bethany Hickey and Ms. Lynne Presley

    Mr. and Mrs. Kirk Hovde

    Mr. and Mrs. Chris Howard

    Mr. Tim Huizenga

    Mr. and Mrs. C. Hadlai Hull

    Lynn, George, Kathy, Tad and Lorin Jones

    Mr. and Mrs. Eric Jungbluth

    Ted D. Kellner

    Ms. Janet Kelly*, Saganaga Corporation

    Mr. and Mrs. Joshua P. Kolar

    Mrs. Mary E. Lane

    Allen LaPointe

    Rene and Bruce Lauer

    Ms. Emily Lawrence

    Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Lee

    Jeff Leverenz

    Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Levin

    Stephen J. Lombardo

    Alexandra Lozier

    Ms. Susan Luciu

    Mr. and Mrs. David Ludden

    Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Lynn

    Mr. and Mrs. Christopher C. Mahr

    Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Malloy

    Mr. Todd C. Marek and Ms. Halley Canis-Marek

    Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Marsh

    Robert* and Judy Marth

    Michelle Maton and Michael Schaeffer

    Mr. Gordon McIntosh and Mrs. Meridyth McIntosh

    Mr. and Mrs. Ronald McKee

    Cheryl Mell

    R.J. Melman

    Linda and John Mengelt

    Ms. Pamela G.  Meyer

    Mrs. Pamela E. Miles

    Mr. and Mrs. John A. Miller, The John A. Miller Family Foundation

    Jack and Goldie Wolfe Miller  Fund

    Ms. Jessica D. Morris and Mr. Michael Valitchka

    Mr. and Mrs. Chris O'Brien

    Mr. and Mrs. William J. O'Neill

    Mr. and Mrs. Bradford Page

    Mr. and Mrs. Randy Papineau

    Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Pasma

    Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Perkaus, Jr.

    Ms. Denise Peterson

    Dr. and Mrs. James Pollock

    Henry Pope Foundation

    Ms. Sheridan Prior and Mr. Michael Bender

    Mr. and Mrs. L. Keith Reed

    Dr. Anne Grall Reichel and Mr. Jack Reichel

    Mr. and Mrs. Miles Ridgway

    Mr. Patrick Ronan

    Rothman Family Foundation

    Bonnie Fry Rothman and Michael C. Rothman

    Ms. Hermine Rothman

    Ms. Rachel Sondag and Mr. Gregory Rothman

    Robert Sahadevan and Lisa Huff

    Hansa Sawlani

    Karen and Frank Schneider

    Buzz and Pat Schwandt

    Mr. and Mrs. G.P. Searle

    Mrs. William L. Searle

    David and Judith L. Sensibar

    Mr. and Mrs. Alex Singla

    Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Slawek

    Mr. and Mrs. David Byron Smith

    Mr. Joseph R. Snipp

    Mr. John Snyder and Ms. Mignon Dupepe

    Mr. and Mrs. Steve Solomon

    Mr. and Mrs. William C. Steers, Jr.

    Mr. and Mrs. Robert N. Szalay

    Dr. and Mrs. Antone J. Tatooles

    Jeffrey M. Tilkin, MD

    Mr. and Mrs. David Trace

    Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Uihlein, Ed Uihlein Family Foundation

    Mr. Dirk VanKoughnett and Ms. Kathy Erwin

    John Vincent

    Mr. and Mrs. H. Thomas Watkins

    Mr. and Mrs. Miles D. White

    Mr. William E. Wolf and Mrs. Meredith Bluhm-Wolf

    Mr. and Mrs. Kerry Wood

    Mr. and Mrs. Patrick B. Wood-Prince

    Ms. Laura Hill and Mr. Ted Wynnychenko

    Heather and Troy Zimmerman


  • Aquarium Council ($1,500–2,499)

    Anonymous (8)

    Mrs. Audrey Altounian

    Mr. Jonathan Anderson and Mrs. Sharon Su

    Nancy Anschel

    Mr. and Mrs. Eric Arnquist

    Mr. and Mrs. Adam M. Aron

    Mr. and Mrs. Merrick Axel

    Kevin Barker

    Mr. Peter Barrett

    Mr. Matthew Beccio and Ms. Mallory Gianola

    Mr. and Mrs. Seth L. Bent

    Mr. and Mrs. Grant Bevill

    Binder Family

    Mr. Andrew Bobrowski

    Drs. Linda and Michael Bresolin

    Mr. and Mrs. William Brodsky

    Nancy and William Brown

    Ms. Danielle Marie Bryan

    Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Buchsbaum

    John and Jackie Bucksbaum

    Buehler Family Foundation

    Dr. Dana Buoscio and Mr. John Szewezyk

    The Canmann Family

    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Coleman

    Lorel M. Collis

    Mr. and Mrs. Tom Corridon

    Winnie and Bob Crawford

    Meghan Curran

    Mr. Paul Czarnowski and Ms. Jean Lee

    Kent and Liz Dauten

    Richard Dees

    Dale Denardo

    Mr. and Mrs. Stephen C. DeTommaso

    Mr. and Mrs. James F. Dicke III

    Mr. Matthew Downes and Ms. Michelle Butler

    Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Dugan

    Mr. Arjun Dutt

    Cherelynn A. Elliott

    Mr. George Engeln and Ms. Denise Stewart

    Mr. and Mrs. John W. Estey

    Randy Felgenhauer

    Gretchen Filips

    Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Fischl

    Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Fleitz

    Mr. Richard Fluck

    Michelle M. Flynn and Brian J. Flynn

    Mrs. Susan Flynn

    Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Gable

    Will Gamble

    Mr. and Mrs. John C. Gann III

    Mr. and Mrs. William Gardner

    Ms. Barbara J. Geist

    Roger Germann, Jr. and Laura Zaremba

    Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gibbons

    The Gillette Foundation

    Mr. and Mrs. David Golder

    Mr. Donald P. Grasso

    Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Hance

    Charles Hand

    Mary E. Harland

    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Z. Hayward, Jr.

    Wallace and Audrey Head

    Mrs. Eugene Heal

    Ryan and Susan Hedlund

    Mr. John M. Hennegan

    Mr. Robert M. Hickey

    Ms. Lynnie Hickey-Mehic and Mr. Armin Mehic

    Mr. and Mrs. J. Donald Higgins

    Mr. and Mrs. John L. Hines

    Charles and Stephanie Hofbauer

    Horwitz Fund

    Mr. and Mrs. Peter H. Huizenga

    Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Hunt, Jr.

    Elan and Tamar Jacoby

    Mr. Nicholas Johnson and Ms. Emily Waite

    Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Johnstone

    Mr. and Mrs. Jay Jordan

    Ms. Kathleen T. Jordan

    Jeramy and James Kaiman

    Mr. Andrew Kang and Ms. Casarine Chong

    Mr. and Mrs. Paul Katz

    Mr. and Mrs. Terrence Kearney

    Mr. Christopher Kim

    Ms. Gera-Lind Kolarik

    Joanne C. and Kevin A. Krakora

    Mr. and Mrs. Michael Larsen

    Mr. Robert Levinson

    Judith and Douglas Lipke

    Dr. Susan Lochhead

    Mr. Darrell Looney and Ms. Shermian Woodhouse

    Ms. Yvonne E. Lozano and Mr. Robert Ratz

    Michelle Lozins

    Mr. and Mrs. Mark Luchini

    Barbara and James MacGinnitie

    Ms. Judith L. Macior

    Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Mackey

    Ms. Theresa Malin and Mr. William Coe

    Sandy and Jerry Manne

    The Marek Family

    Mr. Dominic Lomoro

    Ms. Marcia McLawhorn

    Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. McQuaid

    Mr. and Mrs. Kevin D. Mehta

    Ms. Jacqueline Mensik and Ms. Danielle Leonard

    Ms. Laura Micheli and Mr. Gavin Daly

    Andrew R. Miller and Janet F. Miller

    Mr. and Mrs. John C. Mommsen, Jr.

    Ms. Cynthia A. Moody and Mr. Maurice Ashford

    Mr. David J. Morris

    Mr. Jim Murphy

    David Myszkowski

    Mr. and Mrs. Jeremey Nations

    Ms. Tamera J. Nelson

    Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Newton

    Jake and Shondi Nickell

    Mr. Wilfred Noel

    Mr. and Ms. Timothy Nolan

    Mr. and Mrs. James J. O'Connor, Jr.

    Mr. and Mrs. Sean Odell

    Mr. and Mrs. Ben Olson

    Mr. and Mrs. Sean O'Neill

    Mr. and Mrs. Mike Oresar

    Mr. and Mrs. David Patience

    Mr. and Mrs. Keith Pederson

    Ms. Rebecca Pederson and Ms. Anne Ratliff

    Mr. Gary Pedulla and Ms. Marina Birch

    Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Peterson

    Mr. and Mrs. Matthew J. Pettinelli

    Ms. Mari Philipsborn and Mr. Eric Terman

    Dr. and Mrs. William Platt

    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Pritzker

    Ms. Catherine F. Quinlan

    Mr. and Mrs. Robert Raimondi

    Brian and Michelle Rapp

    Nancy and Warren Rasmussen

    Stephen and Miriam Ritchie

    The Jim Robinett Family

    Linda and Harold Rosenson

    Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Rubis

    Mr. Peter Ruest and Ms. Erin Arnold

    Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Sandner

    Mr. and Mrs. Eric Schoonveld

    Martin and Lisa Schumacher

    Mr. and Mrs. John P. Scotellaro

    Dr. Susan P. Sherman and Mr. David A. Sherman

    Joyce M. Simon and Douglas E. Emde

    Premjit, Mary and Amy Singh

    Mrs. Victoria Skala

    Ms. Gerianne Smith

    Christina and Robert Smolen

    The Solot and Karp Family Foundation

    Mr. and Mrs. Alan P. Solow

    Mr. and Mrs. Phillip L. Stern

    Ms. Cynthia Stiehl and Ms. Sally Stiehl

    Mr. and Mrs. Scott Strnad

    Ms. Alexis Geocaris Sutton

    Mr. Chris Tebbens

    Nick Ulivieri

    Mr. Jeff Urgo and Mrs. Christine Mayer

    Dr. and Mrs. Bill Van Bonn

    Mr. and Mrs. Joseph V. Van Cura, Jr.

    Mrs. Anne Van Wart and Mr. Michael Keable

    Mr. and Mrs. Virgil V. VanTrease

    Ms. Susan Vondrak

    Mr. and Mrs. William C. Waller

    Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Walsh

    Dr. Erma Washington and Ms. Erin A. Campbell

    Dr. Catherine L. Webb

    Dr. Deborah E. Weber and Dr. Norman Chapman

    Diane and Richard Weinberg

    Mr. and Mrs. John Weiss

    Mrs. Florence F. Wheeler

    Ms. Mary A. Wheeler

    Ms. Jean Ann White

    Mr. and Mrs. Ben Wilson

    Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wilson

    Mr. Sloan Wilson and Ms. Kathleen O'Connor

    Mr. and Mrs. Michael Winfield

    Mr. and Mrs. Bob Wislow

    Ms. Cathleen Wloch

    Mr. Patrick T. Yappel

    Mr. and Mrs. Hani Zabaneh

    Barbara Zenner

    Ms. Tara Zientek

    Pat and Len Zolna

    Mr. Ted Zook


  • Ambassador ($1,000–1,499)

    Anonymous (6)

    Ms. Shradha Agarwal and Mr. Jaynat Premkumar

    Andrew Family Foundation

    Charles and Rebecca Asfour

    Ms. Danielle Benjoya

    Mrs. Martha Biede and Mr. Tom C. Biede

    Lee Boshes

    Mr. and Mrs. Tony Bromwell

    Mr. and Mrs. Kevin T. Buggy

    John E. Buranosky

    Mr. and Mrs. John D. Burns II

    John D. Butler Family Fund

    Ellen Carnahan and Bill Daniels

    Ted Challenger

    Mr. and Mrs. Luke Chang

    Mr. John Chartier and Ms. Jennifer Chartier

    Jonathan Chung

    Mr. and Mrs. Ed Claggett

    Mr. and Mrs. Keith Colburn

    Ms. Theresa R. Corrao and Mr. Matthew Leonard

    Mr. Gregory Curtis

    Dr. John R. Dainauskas

    Mr. Scott Daum

    Mr. and Mrs. Leslie P. Degroot IV

    Mrs. Carla Dehmlow

    Mr. and Mrs. Michael Delfini

    Mr. and Mrs. Ron F. DeSanto

    Mr. and Mrs. Michael DiCondina

    Ms. Kathleen Dilenschneider and Mr. Christopher Savino

    Dr. Naomi Donnelley and Mr. Joseph Butler

    Shawn M. Donnelley and Christopher M. Kelly

    Ashraff Enshiwat

    Mr. and Mrs. Gene Faut

    Mr. and Mrs. Robert Fealy

    Mr. Nathan Fencl

    Ms. Diana Ferguson and Mr. Dwayne Staton

    Mr. and Mrs. Robert Fischer

    Mr. and Mrs. John Freechack

    Ms. Joanne B. Friedland

    Mr. and Mrs. Christopher B. Galvin

    Mr. and Mrs. Daniel T. Gibbons

    Mr. and Mrs. Todd Greenwald

    Mr. and Ms. Eric Haskel

    Mr. Eric Heininger

    Ms. Kristen Hertel and Mr. Muneer Satter

    Reacy Hobbs

    Mr. Ira Holtzman and Mr. William Schloss

    Mr. and Mrs. John Hong

    Mr. Carl Howe

    Chris Hutter

    Edgar D. Jannotta

    Judy Johanson

    Robert H. and Sharon L. Jordan

    Mr. Ronny Kamal and Mrs. Chirine Njeim

    Whitney T. Key

    Mr. Rock Khanna

    Mr. and Mrs. Douglas M. Kinney

    Emily Krall

    Charles G. and Rheta Kramer Foundation

    Mr. and Mrs. Ziv Lalich

    Mr. David R. Lee

    Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin F. Lenhardt, Jr.

    Robert and Sharon Lindgren

    Abigail Lipke

    Mr. and Mrs. Russ Maki

    Mr. Charles Mauter

    Ms. Patty McCarthy

    John and Etta McKenna

    Ms. Rita Michaud and Mr. Ted Wecker

    Ms. Alexandra Miller

    Julie and Scott Moller

    Mr. and Mrs. William Mowry

    Mr. and Mrs. Pete Mulvey

    Mr. and Mrs. Harry D. Oppenheimer

    Mr. Asutosh Padhi and Mrs. Rita Anand-Padhi

    Mr. and Mrs. Marco Pagani

    Mr. and Mrs. Guilio Palma

    Julia Fiske Parker

    Ms. Ashley Pater

    Mr. Jim M. Perkins and Ms. Jenny Zinser

    Mr. and Mrs. Jon Pfeffer

    Mr. Matthew Porter

    Mr. and Mrs. Myron H. Powelson IV

    Colonel (IL) Jennifer N. Pritzker, IL ARNG (Retired)

    Ms. Tina Ptach

    Mitch Quarfot

    Dr. Sameena Rahman and Dr. Sajjad Murtaza

    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Reece

    Mr. and Mrs. Ross Reinhart

    Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Rinella

    Lynne King Roberts

    Mr. and Mrs. Terence Rogers

    Quincy Ross

    Scott Rubenstein

    Mr. and Mrs. Peter Ruck

    Mr. and Mrs. James Ruprecht

    John and Alice Sabl

    Jeffrey Samotny

    Cynthia Sargent, Sargent Family Foundation

    Mr. and Mrs. Morton Schapiro

    Mr. and Mrs. Mark Schmidtke

    Eileen Semeniuk

    Ms. Stephanie Slatkin and Mr. Martin Irgang

    Braden Smith

    Mr. Derek Snaidauf

    Mr. and Mrs. Darren Snyder

    Sommer Family Foundation

    Mr. George Sorich and Mrs. Elizabeth Phillips-Sorich

    Mr. Ronald J. Sorini

    Mr. and Mrs. James Stanczak

    Mr. and Mrs. Neele E. Stearns, Jr.

    Mr. and Mrs. Rene A. Stephens

    Mr. and Mrs. Bert O. Sullivan, Jr.

    Mr. and Mrs. Mark Sullivan

    Brad Summers

    Mr. and Mrs. Blake Swift

    Dr. and Mrs. Steve Szczerba

    Ms. Christina Talarico

    Mr. and Mrs. Mike Taylor

    Mr. and Mrs. Randall Thompson

    Sean Thompson

    Mr. Jamie Tolles and Mrs. Daisy Wood Tolles

    Howard Trienens

    Tamer Tullgren

    Mr. and Mrs. Tom Veldman

    Mr. and Mrs. David A. Ventura

    Mrs. Susanna Ver Eecke

    Mr. and Mrs. Howard Wax

    Barbara H. West

    Mr. and Mrs. Brian White

    M. and A. Wilcox

    Mr. and Mrs. David Williams

    The Yardley Family

    The Yerrick Family

    Mr. and Mrs. Tim Zoph


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    Anonymous (14)

    Sami Aasar

    Ms. Linda Adams

    Sara Adkins

    Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Adreani, Adreani Foundation

    Humaira Aejaz

    Asrar Ahmed and Wajeeha Shuttari

    Kelleen N. Albrecht

    Mr. and Mrs. Dominic Allocco

    Mrs. Maria Carrizales-Alonzo
         and Mr. Robert Rene Alonzo

    Mr. and Mrs. David Anderson

    Mr. and Mrs. Matthew F. Andresen

    Mr. Ryan Andrews and Dr. Hannah F. Watts

    Priti Anekal

    Mr. and Mrs. Ben Applegate

    Mr. Flavio Arana and Mr. Matthew Kippenhan

    Anna Arboleda and Kevin Harvey

    Dr. and Mrs. Robert M. Arensman

    Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Armbruster

    Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Aronson

    Robert Arroyo

    Mr. Frank Asante and Ms. Catherine Sam

    Mr. Richard Assmus and Ms. Leah Welty

    Mr. and Mrs. Dwight W. Austin

    Axa Foundation

    Mrs. Amy Babcock and Ms. Pricila Borges

    Emily Detroy and Jacob Babcock

    Ms. Joy Bailey

    Dr. Kelly Ballantyne and Mr. Robert Ballantyne

    Bindu Bamrah and Julie Bodi

    Dr. and Mrs. Robert Barish

    Lana and Brent Barringer

    Amie Barry

    Mrs. Lisa Mangelsdorff-Barth and
         Mr. Martin H. Barth

    Mr. Kenneth G. Bartman

    Russell Bartz

    Mrs. Samantha Basarich and Mr. Michael Britz

    Mr. Antonio Bass and Ms. Jessica L. Wright

    Dr. Kari B. Bavirsha and Mr. William M. Bavirsha

    Mr. and Mrs. Chris Beardmore

    Beverly Bearint

    Sebastien Beaudet

    Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Benge

    Mrs. Janice Benolken

    Lynn Benson

    Mr. and Mrs. Michael Berman

    Mr. and Mrs. James Berry

    Tinesa Beyers

    Ms. Lois J. Bider

    Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Blesi

    Dr. Patricia Jones Blessman and
         Mr. Stephen Blessman

    Mr. and Mrs. Andrew K. Block

    Mr. Eric W. Boberg

    Mr. Charles K. Bobrinskoy

    Mr. and Ms. Christopher J. Boebel

    Ms. Cathy Borst and Ms. Maria Dimalanta

    Mr. and Mrs. Steve Boruta

    Mr. Eli Boufis and Mrs. Nicole Liadis

    Mr. Jesse Bouwman and
         Ms. Violeta Lialios-Bouwman

    Mr. and Mrs. Pearson Bownas

    Dennis and Lauren Bozych

    Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Bradley

    Megan Bramson

    Ms. Leslie Shad and Mr. Joe Brennan

    Mr. and Mrs. Andy Brewer

    Mrs. Jennifer Duncan-Brice and Mr. Harry Brice

    Susan Brooks

    Mr. Jeffrey Brown and Mrs. Jennifer Bell

    Mr. and Mrs. Mark Brown

    Mr. and Mrs. James R. Bruckman

    Mr. Paul Bruin and Ms. Carolyn Wright

    Mr. and Mrs. David Brush

    Mr. and Mrs. Dean L. Buntrock

    Mr. Peter Burgert

    Mr. and Mrs. Mark R. Burgett

    Mr. and Mrs. Sean Burke

    John Wm. Butler, Jr. and John M. VanderLinden

    Tiera Butler and Rodney Debowles

    Roseanne Cabrera

    Angela Callaway

    Mr. and Mrs. Jack Callison

    Mr. Rodrigo Canasi and Mrs. Diana Webber

    Mr. and Mrs. Robert Carey

    Ms. Elizabeth J. Casseday and Ms. Janet L. Rindels

    Jenny Casteller

    Mr. and Mrs. John Cavalaris

    Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence J. Centella

    Mr. Robert Chan and Mrs. Tanja Maffei-Chan

    Mr. and Mrs. David Chandler

    Ms. Caroline Charette

    Harsh Chawla

    The Cherian Salem Family

    Mr. Kevin Chiappetta and Ms. Amy Stafford

    Mr. and Mrs. Michael Chiappetta

    Mr. Tom Cholewa and Ms. Frances L. Sisul

    Lindsey Clark

    Mr. Richard A. Clark and Ms. Kathy Robertson

    Mr. and Mrs. Glen Clarke

    Mr. John Cmar and Ms. Laura Burns

    Mr. Thomas Cmar

    Noreen Coady

    Mr. Fredric Cohen and Ms. Amy Cheng

    Mr. Raymond Colebaugh and Ms. Catherine Rogers

    Jane B. and John C. Colman

    Michael A. Conley

    Mr. Jason Conrad and Ms. Kathren McKnight

    Mr. and Mrs. Robert Conti

    Ms. Dianne Cooper and Ms. Heather Cooper

    Mr. Shawn Cothron and Ms. Patricia Willeke

    Mr. William D. Cox, Jr.

    Jennifer Craig Cordova

    Kristi Crawford

    Josh Crick

    Mr. and Ms. Van Crocker

    Brian Crouch and Ellen Carty

    Tony Crowe and Melanie Wojtulewicz

    Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Cunningham

    Mr. and Mrs. John Curran

    Kristine Curran

    Michael Dahm

    Dr. Francis Daly and Mrs. Felise Zollman

    Mr. and Mrs. John Dangora

    Mr. and Mrs. John Darguzas

    Dr. and Mrs. Tapas K. Das Gupta

    Lisa Daubney

    Mr. and Mrs. Stanley R. Day

    Mr. Sergio De Los Reyes and Ms. Anne McGuire

    Ms. Katherine de Santiago
         and Ms. Veronica de Santiago

    Guy Deboo and Susan Frazetti

    Ms. Diana DeBoy

    Ms. Nancy Dehmlow

    Nixy Delcid

    Mr. Rodrigo Descoto and Ms. Jeannine Imbrenda

    Mr. and Mrs. Tim D. Devine

    Ms. Susan Park Devries

    William Dewoskin

    Mr. and Mrs. Blair Dickinson

    Mr. Tyler Dickman and Ms. Stephanie Knox

    Ms. Mary Diesem and Ms. Margaret Lovrich

    Mr. and Mrs. James Distasio

    Mr. and Mrs. Steven Dobrow

    Tracey Doggett

    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Donnelley II

    Chris Dorman

    Lee Drabek

    Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Drummond

    Mr. and Mrs. Jason R. Duck

    Mr. Robert A. Duewerth

    Mr. John Dugenske and Mrs. Jacqueline Bush

    Sheryl and Elise Duncan

    Andrew Ehlers

    Mr. David Eisenhauer

    Mr. and Mrs. Tony Ellis

    Mr. and Mrs. Philip L. Engel

    Mr. J. William Ernstrom and Shelia McNally

    Mr. and Mrs. Martin Espinoza

    Mr. and Mrs. Mike Etienne

    Ms. Patricia Engstrom and Mr. William Evans

    Mr. and Mrs. David P. Facklam

    Ms. Irene Falout

    Mr. Philip J. Farese and Dr. Anne T. Hollingsworth

    Mr. Carl B. Fausey

    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Feltes

    Amy Felton

    Mr. Jeffrey Ferguson

    Mr. Stephen Fettinger

    John Filice and Jacqueline Murray

    John Finch and Sarah Zierke

    Nancy-Leigh Fisher

    Mr. and Mrs. Russell W. Fisher

    Mr. Miles Flack and Mrs. Danielle M. Colby

    Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Folda

    Thomas and Elizabeth Foos

    Dr. Jeffrey J. Foreman

    Mr. and Mrs. Alec Fowler

    Jay Freedman and Cheryl Ingram

    Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Frigo

    Mr. and Mrs. Dirk C. Fucik

    Dr. Nelcar Gadrinab

    Ms. Anne M. Gallagher

    Mr. William R. Gamble

    Mr. Kevin Gander and Mrs. Rose Stocker

    The Garcia Family

    Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Garcia

    Mr. and Mrs. Glenn T. Garlick

    Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Garner

    Mr. and Mrs. David Garras

    Mr. and Mrs. David Gau

    Mr. Mark Gavril

    Mr. and Mrs. Todd Gerovac

    Mr. and Mrs. Gary Gerstman

    Kristin Gilliat

    Ms. Judy Girard

    Lauren Giuliani

    Mr. and Mrs. Dave Gloor

    Ms. Jill Glosson

    Mr. Irwin Goldman

    Ms. Susan Goodenow

    Gorter Family Foundation

    Mr. Slater Graf and Ms. Nicole Delone

    Allison Graham

    Jennifer Graham

    Drew Gravitt

    Michael B. Gray

    Mr. and Mrs. Brian A. Green

    Ms. Debra S. Green and Mr. Jim DiMarco

    Mr. Joseph Greskoviak

    Ms. Cathy Griffin

    Mr. and Mrs. Mark Grippando

    Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Grobarcik

    Ms. Anne Marie Gross

    Paul Grossman and Denise Keane

    Catherine and Gregory Gruener

    Amber Gugins and Deb Gasper

    Mr. Sumit Gupta and Ms. Paula Queen

    Mr. Shawn Hacker and Mrs. Joan Mazat

    Carolyn Hagner

    Timothy Haines

    Mr. Thomas Hall and Mrs. Teresa Jacobs-Hall

    Herb, Linda, Matt and Marie Hallberg

    Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Hardison

    Mr. and Mrs. James Harlan

    Marcia Harms

    Mr. Kymn Harp and Mr. Ryan Harp

    Ms. Alice Harper

    Ms. and Mrs. Carol Harrigan

    Mr. and Mrs. Edmond Harris

    Heather Hart

    Mr. Paul Hartzler

    Stephen Harvey

    Mr. John Hass and Mrs. Mary F. Budig

    Mr. and Mrs. James Hatfield

    Mrs. Bonnie Hausman and Ms. Vadie Schultz

    Katherine Hazelwood

    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Hebda

    Mr. and Mrs. Arnold T. Hebron

    Dr. and Mrs. David J. Height

    Pam Heim

    Mr. James Herbison

    Mr. Bradley Hickey and Ms. Rachel Polster and

    Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Hirsch

    Mr. and Mrs. Tony Hoban

    Mr. and Mrs. Larry Hochberg

    Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Hoefer

    Ms. Andrea Hofmeister

    Dr. and Mrs. George B. Hogenson

    Mr. and Mrs. Peter Holmes

    Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Holtzman

    Stacey Honeycutt

    Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Hoogstra

    Ms. Joy Houston

    Rose Marie Houston,
         Rose Houston Charitable Foundation

    Mr. and Mrs. Andy Hoyt

    Julia and Martin Hughes

    Thomas J. Hulseman

    Shirley Humann

    Mr. and Mrs. David Hundrieser

    Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Hurley

    Kyle Hynden

    Mr. Tommy Inglis

    Mr. and Mrs. Mark Isaily

    Rebecca Jack

    Dr. and Mrs. Andrew M. Jarosz

    Mr. Richard Jasculca

    Mr. and Mrs. Sin Jeong

    Mr. Jose Jimenez and Ms. Catalina Morales

    Mr. Rajesh Jindal

    Arin Johnson

    Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Jolie

    Mr. George Justak

    Mr. and Mrs. Steven Kaar

    Mrs. Angela Kajtsa

    Joyce Karlson

    Dr. and Mrs. Paul L. Kats

    Mr. Seth Katz

    Mr. and Mrs. Pete Kearns

    William Kelley

    Mr. Joseph Kelly and Ms. Gretchen Carter

    Mr. and Mrs. Paul Kenny

    Mr. and Mrs. Carson Kern

    Mr. Doug Kertesz and Ms. Margo Karos

    Mr. Mohammed Khan

    Mr. and Mrs. Jeff J. Kilburg

    Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Kilinskis

    Jessi Kincaid

    Ms. Renee King

    Mr. Mark Kirsons

    Ms. Therese Kitt

    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Kittle-Kamp

    Mr. Jonathan Klein

    Mr. Louis Kleist

    Mr. and Mrs. Dirk Klemm

    Ms. Jean A. Klingenstein

    Ms. Deanne Kludy and Ms. Deb Chambless

    Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Klunzinger

    Dr. and Ms. Patricia J. Knod

    Mr. and Mrs. Don Kobetsky

    Mr. and Mrs. Richard Kobor

    Mr. Brian Kocinski and Ms. Genevieve Hillis

    Mr. and Mrs. Allan Koenig

    Mr. James Koeppe

    Ms. Lori Koetters and Mr. Brian Smith

    Mr. and Mrs. Steve Kolodziej

    Ms. Lois Korda and Mrs. Catherine Korda

    Mr. and Mrs. Ramon Kozak

    Mrs. Tracey Kreiling and Ms. Anastasia Kreiling

    Mr. James Krueger and Mr. Elliot Krueger

    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Kubica

    Mr. James Kulikauskas

    Chelsea Kwiatkowski

    Elizabeth Laberge and Sarah DeVerna

    Sree Lagisetty

    Mr. and Mrs. Josh Langford

    Marc Lapinski

    Jonathan Larson and Nicole Webb

    Kathryn Larson

    Mr. and Mrs. Andrew LaTona

    Jessica Lawrence

    Mrs. Marisol LeCodet and Ms. Cyarra A. Matta

    Mr. and Mrs. Jordan Ledford

    Mr. Joseph Lee and Mrs. Alice Yao-Lee

    Mr. and Mrs. Michael Lee

    William M. Lee Jr.

    Lefkovitz Foundation

    Drs. Michael and Cindy Leland

    Ms. Deirdre LeMire and Mr. William LeMire

    Mrs. Amy Lepi

    Mr. and Mrs. John G. Levi

    Mr. Robert A. Levine

    Mr. and Mrs. Mark Lewis

    Ms. Michelle S. Ley and Mr. Grant Ley

    Sujun Li and Boshu Liu

    Mr. and Mrs. Tim Liddell

    Mr. Herrick Lidstone and Ms. Minerva El-Hage

    Andrew Lilly

    Mrs. Gicele Wray-Lindley and Mr. Omar Lindley

    Calvin Liou

    Mr. and Mrs. Rocque Lipford

    Mr. Bruce Liss and Ms. Marilyn Coopersmith

    Mr. Joseph F. Lizzadro and Dr. Jennifer Lebbin

    Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Loftin

    Mr. and Mrs. Eric Lohmeyer

    Mr. and Mrs. Chris Lundevold

    Mr. and Mrs. Richard Luongo

    Brooke and Jonathan Lyon

    Dr. and Mrs. Orlanda Mackie

    Brian Madine

    Mr. Bjorkman Magnus

    Mr. Steve Maks

    Julio Maldonado

    Mr. Gregory Malek and Stefanie Ladao

    Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Mandell

    Karen and Douglas Mannion

    Mr. Joe Mansueto and Mrs. Rika Yoshida

    Ms. Cynthia Marceau and Ms. Connie Cundiff

    Mr. Ramiro Mariscal and Ms. Krystal S. Dawson

    Mr. Jeremy Marmer and Ms. Sivakami Thayu

    Claudia Marquez

    Anisha Martin

    Mr. David Martinez

    Mr. Chris Marzec and Ms. Maggie Kelly

    Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Masters

    Steven Matsuo

    Mr. and Mrs. James Mazurek

    Mr. Raymond McBride

    Ms. Bess C. McCord

    Jeff McCormack

    Brother Daniel McCormick and Brother Paul Magner

    Mr. and Mrs. Joseph McCoy

    Mr. and Mrs. Gary McCullough

    Mr. and Mrs. Kevin McDonald

    Mr. Michael McKenna

    Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. McLaughlin

    Kathleen McLean-Linko

    Ms. Grace McQueeny

    Mr. and Mrs. Ralph C. Medhurst

    Mr. and Mrs. John Medio

    Mrs. Valerie Melia and Ms. Heather L. Bartok

    Monica Mell

    Mr. and Mrs. Joaquin Mendoza

    Laura L. Metzger

    Mr. and Mrs. James Meyers

    Mr. Julian Mickelson and Mr. Cameron Parker

    Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey Miller

    Mr. and Mrs. Brian Miller

    Ms. Cynthia W. Milstead and Ms. Jessica Milstead

    Mr. and Mrs. Steven Mischel

    Mr. and Mrs. Mike Mojica

    Ms. Michaela Monaghan

    Ms. Eileen Monroe

    Marlen Montesinos

    Mr. J. Dennis A. Monteverde

    Mr. and Ms. Albert Montoya

    Mr. and Mrs. James A. Moore

    Chris Morales

    Mr. and Mrs. Peter Morowski

    Julia Morris

    Randall Moser

    Mr. and Mrs. John H. Muehlstein

    Gretchen Mungan

    Mr. and Mrs. Robert Murphy

    Mr. and Mrs. John Nachman

    Ms. Mary Nalbandian

    Mr. and Mrs. Juan C. Navarro

    Marco Navarro-Gonzalez and Kristina Navarro

    Ms. Laura Nedli

    Carin Nelson

    Mrs. Cynthia Nelson and Ms. Courtney Nelson

    Ronald Nelson

    Mr. and Mrs. Michael Newman

    Spencer Ng and Zhenzhen Chen

    Ms. Mary Ann Nguyen

    Mr. and Mrs. Sean Nixon

    Mr. and Mrs. Mark S. Nolden

    Mr. and Mrs. Mark Norcini

    Mr. Nicholas J. Novosel and Ms. Ellen D. Petrick

    Nicholas B. Noyes and Noelle Sayles

    Mr. and Mrs. Timothy S. O'Keefe

    Tricia Oksiuta and Joan Turner

    Mr. Chris Ondrula

    Mr. and Mrs. Richard Oppermann

    Joe Oswald

    Mr. David C. Otto and Ms. Marianne Wojak

    Mr. and Mrs. Gregory J. Pacelli

    Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Padgett

    Ms. Beth Pagnotta and Ms. Jenn Pagnotta

    Mr. Matt and Mrs. Katy Paige

    Mr. and Ms. Donald J. Panovich

    Mr. John J. Parker and Ms. Morgan L. Loughery

    Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Parker

    Biran and Shivani Patel

    Dr. Raj Patel and Mrs. Nipa Patel

    Kaylyn Patterson

    Mr. Thomas Pendry and Mrs. Maureen Maher-Pendry

    Patty Perrin

    Marisa Perry Collier and Winston Collier

    Mr. Joseph Persak

    Mr. and Mrs. Nick Petersen

    Ms. Margaret Petrey

    Mr. and Mrs. Justin Pinkerton

    Mr. and Mrs. R. Allan Pixton

    Walter and Janice Podolski

    Mr. and Mrs. Robert V. Polenzani

    Mr. Philip Postlewaite and Ms. Ruth Muyskens

    Mr. and Mrs. Todd Powell

    Mr. and Mrs. Salvatore Presti

    Gail Prete

    Mr. James Price

    Ms. Jennifer Pride

    Dr. and Mrs. Richard A. Prinz

    Mr. and Mrs. Cary Pumphrey

    Tynnetta Qaiyim

    Ms. Johanna Rahal and Ms. Breda Blake

    Mr. Tom Raleigh and Ms. Mary Ann McCabe

    Mr. John Ranz

    Anita Rao

    Mr. Mohan Rao and Ms. Maria Yen

    Dr. Bernadette Ray and Dr. Darrin Ray

    Mrs. Christa Reed

    Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Reich

    Mr. and Mrs. Craig Reiff

    Ruth and Remie Repaja

    Mr. and Mrs. David Resac

    Mrs. Madeline Reyer

    Mr. and Mrs. Tom Reynolds

    Mr. and Mrs. Charles Richard

    Mr. Amenra Richardson and Mrs. Najat Kakow

    Mr. Rich Richardson and Mrs. Heather Archer

    Araceli Rincon

    Mr. Blasko Ristic and Ms. Lisa A. McClung

    Ms. Delondia Robinson and Ms. Gabriela Alvarez

    Mrs. Andrea Rodgers

    Mr. Joel Rondeau

    Gabriel and Matilda Rosanwo

    Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Rosen

    Mr. and Mrs. Morton Rosen

    Mr. and Mrs. Mike Rosenbaum

    Mr. and Mrs. Neil Rosenberg

    Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Rouzer

    Mrs. Patti L. Rozanski and Ms. Sarah Montesa

    Mr. and Mrs. Jared Rummel

    Mrs. Kimberly Rush and Mr. Dale E. Rush

    Dr. Donald Ruth II and Dr. Laura Peter

    Mr. Matthew Ryan

    Mary Sabatino

    Mr. Vladimir Salazar and Pamela Del Giudice

    Mr. Braulio A. Sanchez

    Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Sannes

    Dr. Peter J. Sargon

    Matthew Sauer

    Mr. and Mrs. Fred M. Savaglio

    Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Schabdach

    Mr. and Mrs. John T. Schaff

    Mr. and Mrs. Richard Scheer

    Mr. and Mrs. Albert H. Scherb III

    Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Schmidbauer

    Barb Schneider

    Ms. Rachel A. Schneider

    Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Schroeder

    Mrs. Barbara Schuetz and Mrs. Beyna Ann

    Mr. Kenneth Schultz

    Mr. Charles L. Schwager

     Dr. Melvin Schwartz and Dr. Lisa Yaremko

    Mr. Charlie Schweppe

    Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Schwieger

    Ms. Kristin Searle

    Anna Seledon

    Ms. Lisa Shade, Shade Family Foundation

    Mr. and Mrs. G. Curtis Shaffer

    Uma Shah

    Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth P. Sharp

    Mr. and Mrs. Tom Sheahen

    Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Sheehan

    Mr. Trent Sheridan

    Mr. and Mrs. Neal A. Sherry

    Rushabh Shukla

    Ms. Linda Siebrandt

    Mr. Michael Silver and Ms. Deborah Lader

    Mr. Todd Simec

    Ms. Cynthia A. Laws-Simmons
         and Mr. Terry Simmons

    Ms. Virginia Simmons and Mr. Mark Staintion

    Brett C. Simons

    Ms. Ann Simpson and Ms. Silvia Flores

    Grace Sims

    Mr. John Sirek and Ms. Colleen Loughlin

    Mr. Stan Siuta and Ms. Maria Pandolfo

    Mr. John A. Sivright

    Mr. and Mrs. Sven Skillrud

    Mr. and Mrs. Ed Slack

    Mr. Chad Slaughter

    Mr. and Mrs. David Slowinski

    Mr. James Smith and Ms. Nicole Mysliwiec

    Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Smith

    Mr. and Mrs. John B. Snyder

    Mr. Joseph Snyder and Ms. Sylvia Houchins

    Logan Soich and Rachel Simmons

    Mr. Keith Solomon and Ms. Elana Beckerman

    Mr. and Mrs. Jim Soreng

    Mr. Richard E. Sorg and Mr. Eric Sorg

    Ms. Kirsten Sorum

    Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Spath

    Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Sperling

    Claire and Amy Sprague

    Mr. Patrick Stack

    Mr. and Mrs. Albert Sterken

    Doug Sterner

    Jeremy Stevens

    Shelby Stevenson

    Mr. Dwight Stickrod and Ms. Michelle McConnell

    Liz Stiffel

    Cherie Stofer

    Mr. and Mrs. Norman A. Stone

    Jory Strosberg

    Mr. Paul Sturm and Ms. Julieta Hokin

    Maria Suarez and Deborah Cos

    Todd W. Surta and April Lunsford

    Mr. and Mrs. John P. Swift

    Mr. Jim Szczurek

    Mr. Raymond M. Szull, Jr.

    Mr. Nick Szurgot and Mrs. Jennifer Colesby

    Ms. Diane Talbot

    Ms. Mara Tapp and Mr. Michael Silverstein

    Mr. Tony Tarasiuk and Ms. Danielle Wagner

    Jason Tarsney

    Mr. Miles Taub and Ms. Sue Goldschmidt

    Mr. and Mrs. Gregory T. Taylor

    Mr. and Mrs. Mark Tebbe

    Mr. Gopalakrishnan Thiruchelvam and Mr. Iqbal Hussain

    Laura and Michael Thompson

    Vinh Throug

    Dorothy P. Thurman

    Mr. Paul Thurston and Ms. Ramona Powell

    Mr. Douglas Tilsch

    Mr. Brady Tinkham and Mrs. Renne Burke

    Mr. John Tobias and Mr. Justin Tobias

    Mr. John Tocks

    Mr. and Mrs. Dapo Tomori

    Mr. and Mrs. Russell Trennert

    Stacy Tulloch

    Mr. and Mrs. Jim Tunney

    Ms. Leah Turnbull

    Mr. and Mrs. Jason Tyler

    Mrs. Virginia C. Vale

    Linda Searl and Joseph Valerio

    Ms. Sandra Vallejo and Ms. Alicia Hurtado

    Mr. and Mrs. Mark VanSessen

    Barbara Varner

    Mr. Anthony Vasquez

    Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Veal

    Mrs. Helen Veeder

    Nancy Velez

    Mr. Cv Venugopal and Mrs. Ushadevi Gopalakrishna

    Eder Vergara

    Tiffany Verzino

    Leo and Margie Veseling

    Mr. and Mrs. David Viola

    Mr. and Mrs. David Wagner

    Austin Waldron

    Matthew Wallin and Nicole Rogers

    Mr. and Mrs. Kurt L. Warning

    Mr. and Mrs. Dan Watanapongse

    Mr. Dan Waters

    Lesley Weaver and Nicole Sullivan

    Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Webb

    Joyce and Bryan Webster

    Mr. and Mrs. Hart Weichselbaum

    Mr. Joe Weisenberger and Ms. Melinda March

    Lorrayne and Steve Weiss

    Ms. Christine M. Wellman

    Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Wells

    Mr. and Mrs. Richard Wender

    Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wengel

    Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Weston

    Amy White

    Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Whitfield

    Ms. Sue Whitworth and Ms. Erin Halden

    Leslie Wilcox

    Emily Wilhite

    Mr. Joel Wilsnack and Ms. Priya Sharna

    Mr. and Mrs. Allen Wing

    Mr. and Mrs. Brian Winterle

    Mr. and Mrs. Greg Wintroub

    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Wogan

    Mr. and Mrs. Jason L. Wojno

    Mr. Michael J. Wojtyla and Ms. Lynne Kerger

    Mrs. Arnold R. Wolff

    Mr. Hak Wong and Mr. Michael Hess

    Mr. and Mrs. J. Nelson Wood

    Mr. and Mrs. Alain Wood-Prince

    Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Woodward

    Hong Xu

    Mr. Ivan Yee and Ms. Candace Hottmann-Yee

    Elizabeth C. Young and Phyllis Jacobson

    Mr. and Mrs. Omar Young

    Donald Yuhas

    Megan Yuhas

    Mr. and Mrs. Phillip C. Zarcone

    Mrs. Victoria Zell

    Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Ziegle

    Mr. and Mrs. William Zigterman

    Joe and Zvi Zimmerman

    Faye Zinn


    Leadership Partner ($150,000+)


    Chicago Park District

    Dover Foundation

    Great Lakes Coca-Cola

    JPMorgan Chase & Co.


  • Grand Benefactor ($100,000–149,999)

    Bank of America

    The Chicago Community Trust

    John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation


    United Airlines

  • Benefactor ($50,000–99,999)


    The Brinson Foundation


    ComEd, An Exelon Company

    Department of the Interior, United States Geological Survey

    Elizabeth Morse Genius Charitable Trust

    Exelon Corporation

    Ford Motor Company Fund, the philanthropic arm of Ford Motor Company

    The Hearst Foundation, Inc.


    Northern Trust

    Paul M. Angell Family Foundation

    United States Department of Agriculture, Forest Service

  • Patron ($25,000–49,999)


    Abra Prentice Foundation, Inc.


    Aon Corporation

    Barker Welfare Foundation

    Baxter International Inc.


    Crown Family Philanthropies

    Discover Financial Services

    Dover Corporation

    Event Network, Inc.

    GATX Corporation

    GCM Grosvenor

    George Lucas Family Foundation


    Illinois Department of Natural Resources - Coastal Management Program

    Institute of Museum and Library Services

    John R. Halligan Charitable Fund

    JPMorgan Chase Foundation


    Make it Better Media

    McDonald's Corporation


    Motorola Solutions, Inc. and the Motorola Solutions Foundation

    Norfolk Southern Foundation

    Stepan Company

    The Walter E. Heller Foundation

    Wege Foundation

    William Blair

  • Partner ($10,000–24,999)

    Anonymous (2)


    Acxiom Corporation

    Baker & McKenzie

    Bears Care

    Best Buy Foundation

    Bloomberg Philanthropies

    Capital One


    CME Group Foundation

    Drinker Biddle and Reath

    Dr. Scholl Foundation

    Eurest Services

    Ernst & Young

    The Field Foundation of Illinois


    Helen V. Brach Foundation

    Helen M. Harrison Foundation

    Henrietta Lange Burk Fund

    IDP Foundation

    Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation

    Indianapolis Colts, Inc.

    Julius N. Frankel Foundation

    KeyBanc Capital Markets

    Leo Burnett

    The Marmon Group LLC

    McKinsey & Company

    Monterrey Security Consultants, Inc.


    National Marine Sanctuary Foundation

    OnX Managed Services

    Peggy and Steve Fossett Foundation

    Peoples Gas

    Perella Weinberg Partners

    Polk Bros. Foundation

    PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

    The PrivateBank

    Radisson Blu Aqua Hotel, Chicago

    The REAM Foundation

    Revolution Brewing LLC

    RR Donnelley

    Ryan Enterprises Group LLC

    S&C Electric Company

    SimEx-Iwerks Entertainment

    The Siragusa Foundation

    Stephen and Mary Birch Foundation, Inc.

    Tenneco, Inc.



    USG Corporation, Inc.

    Vienna Beef Ltd.

    W.W. Grainger, Inc.

  • Associate ($1,000–9,999)

    A.G. Cox Charity Trust

    Aileen S. Andrew Foundation


    American Agricultural Insurance Company

    Amsted Industries Foundation

    Andrew Family Foundation


    Aurelio's Pizza

    Becker's Healthcare

    Berglund Construction

    BMO Harris

    Bottleneck Management

    Bucketfeet, Inc.

    Calumet City Plumbing Co., Inc.

    Charles & M. R. Shapiro Foundation, Inc.

    Chicagoland Speedway


    Collier’s International Group Inc.

    Design Installation Systems

    Dippin’ Dots LLC

    Edwards Engineering Inc.

    EyeCare for Animals–Chicago

    Fellowes, Inc

    FONA International Inc.

    Golub Capital

    GKN Foundation

    Hoellen Family Foundation


    J. Emil Anderson & Son, Inc.

    Kinder Morgan Foundation

    Kirkland & Ellis

    Klein and Hoffman, Inc.

    The Lagunitas Brewing Company

    Lower Electric

    Max Goldenberg Foundation

    Mechanical Services Associates Corp.

    Monterey Peninsula College

    Patrick and Anna M. Cudahy Fund

    Peapod, LLC

    Plante Moran

    Prince Charitable Trusts

    Proven Business Systems

    Regal Beloit Charitable Foundation

    Reyes Associates Inc.

    Robert Bosch Tool Corporation

    Roundtable Healthcare Partners

    Rytec Corporation


    S&P Global

    Saganaga Corporatiojn

    Sahara Enterprises, Inc.

    Sidley Austin Foundation

    Shure Incorporated

    Smart Destinations, Inc.

    TAYLAR Development  Llc

    Vedder Price P.C.


    Wirtz Beverage Illinois

    Winston & Strawn

    Yoga Six Roosevelt LLC

  • other giving

    Nautilus Society

    Nautilus Society

    The following individuals have made provisions for Shedd in their estate plans. We gratefully acknowledge their thoughtful support in ensuring our future.

    Anonymous (5)

    Mr. Ricardo Basch*

    Penny* and Ted A. Beattie

    Mr. Dolan E. Beckel

    Mr. and Mrs. Philip D. Block III

    Brian Cieslik

    Mr. and Mrs. Stephen F. Condren

    Amy and Joel Cowen

    Mrs. Sandra K. Crown

    Paula and David Epstein

    Mr. Carl B. Fausey

    Mary and Bruce Feay

    Mr. Stanley M. Freehling

    Kevin and Lauren Frey

    Ms. Betty K. Goldberg

    Joyce and Timothy Greening

    Wallace and Audrey Head

    George and Susan Heisler

    Mr. Thomas E. Holechko

    Judy Johanson

    Ms. Kathleen T. Jordan

    Mrs. Richard L. Joutras

    Ms. Jill Kainu

    Mr. Stuart Kane

    Shawn and Danielle Klose

    Mr. Leonard Kouba

    Barbara B. Kreml

    Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin F. Lenhardt, Jr.

    Ms. Stephanie Lippian

    Mr. and Mrs. William R. Livengood

    Mike* and Marcie Love

    Ms. Mary J. Metag

    The Harvey L. Miller Family Foundation

    Kathleen A. Moats Trust

    Mr. Tony Natale

    Tamera J. Nelson

    Jo Ann Noble Living Trust

    Marian and Al Pawlick

    Rich and Corinne Peters

    Ms. Catherine F. Quinlan

    Mr. and Mrs. John Shedd Reed, Jr.

    Mr. Peter Shedd Reed

    Merle Reskin

    Ms. Anita J. Rogers

    Ms. Kristine L. Rull

    Mr. and Mrs. Stuart L. Scott

    Shaw Family Supporting Organization

    Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Byron Smith

    Emily J. Su and Wayne Soong

    Scott and Gabi Sparacio

    Bob and Lorna Springate

    Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Stucker

    Mr. Gerard A. Swick

    Mr. and Mrs. Jay Thomas

    Mrs. Valerie L. Vance

    Mr. Walter Voelker

    Rose and Robert Wagner

    Kent, Stacey* and Margaret Weimer

    Bridget W. Young

    Zigterman Family Trust