Habitat degradation, climate change, pollution and other threats can spell trouble for amphibians. In fact, 41 percent of the world’s amphibian species are considered threatened, making them, on average, the world’s most threatened group of animals. In response, scientists, organizations, governments, zoos and everyday people all over the world and here at Shedd Aquarium are working hard to create a healthier future for amphibians. 

green and black poison dart frog

Amphibians in Crisis
Pollution, climate change, habitat degradation, invasive species, and a global skin fungus called chytrid are some of the major threats facing amphibians.

green tree frog

Sustainable Practices
Shedd is dedicated to making the environment healthy for amphibians. From water-conserving exhibits to pesticide-free gardens, sustainability extends to every part of the aquarium. 

tiger salamander

Amphibians as Environmental
Health Indicators

Amphibians’ sensitive skin and specialized adaptations mean they need healthy habitats in order to thrive. Studying amphibian populations can teach us more about the health of the ecosystems where they live.


Mudpuppy Research
Threatened salamanders live right in our own backyard, but little is known about them. Shedd researchers Alicia Beattie and Dr. Phil Willink study populations of mudpuppies along Chicago’s Lake Michigan shoreline.


What You Can Do
Whether choosing pesticide-free lawn care or being a citizen scientist, everyone can help amphibians living near their homes and around the world by taking some simple steps to help their environment. 

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Eve Barrs

Eve Barrs

Phil Willink

Philip Willink, Ph. D.
Senior Research Biologist

Alicia Beattie
Research Associate


Christine Nye
Christine Nye
Manager, Horticulture


Karen Glennemeier
Karen Glennemeier, Ph.D.
Amphibians Specialist 

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