Meet Kobe, Shedd Aquarium’s Newest Rescue Dog

March 4, 2015

Kobe is the Fifth Canine Adopted through Shedd’s Ongoing Rescue and Rehabilitation Efforts

WHAT: Shedd Aquarium, a leader in animal rescue and rehabilitation, welcomes Kobe, a 3-year-old male Dogo Argentino mix adopted through local pet rescue partner, Lucky Dog Rescue. The energetic pup joins two other rescue dogs comprising Shedd’s current canine family:  Dory, a female Shepherd mix; and Marlin, a male Labrador mix.

Originally found as a stray by Kendall Animal Control in 2013, Lucky Dog Rescue adopted Kobe from animal control’s euthanasia list about two and a half years ago. His story is an example of the critical role rescue organizations play in the well-being of animals, educating the public and encouraging them to participate by rescuing shelter animals. Additional details about Kobe’s background are provided below.

Kobe is the fifth dog to be adopted by Shedd from a Chicago-area shelter since 2013, and one of three dogs currently at the aquarium. Two previous dogs – Bruce and Coral – have since been adopted into loving homes. Using the “Shedd Way” of training through positive reinforcement, the aquarium’s trainers will work with Kobe and provide constant care for the pup who later this year will join the aquarium’s “One World” show, a celebration of the  human connection to animals. For now, he will spend most of his time behind-the-scenes becoming acclimated to his new home and to begin building trusting relationships with Shedd’s training team.

BACKGROUND: When found, Kobe was very thin and dirty, with a rope tied around his collar. Rescuers suspected he might have been a junkyard dog, and noticed that his previous owners attempted to crop his ears at home with a pair of scissors. Kobe was on the euthanasia list until Lucky Dog Rescue stepped in and moved him to a kennel - saving his life. At the shelter, Kobe proved to be a quick study, learning to walk nicely on a leash when going on outings with volunteers, to come when he was called, and how to sit and do a “down” for treats. However, being a dog that requires exercise and mental stimulation, when he was marketed to potential adopters, they thought he had too much energy and passed him up, opting for a “calmer” dog. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for “bully breed dogs” like Kobe to wait longer for permanent homes due to the sheer volume of dogs of these breeds that sit in shelters and rescue centers across the country.

VISUALS: High resolution photos, video and bio for Shedd’s newest rescue dog, Kobe, are available for download:
Photo/video credit: © Shedd Aquarium/Brenna Hernandez

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