2016 Press Releases

Shedd Aquarium Donates Enrichment Toys During Holiday Season

On Wednesday, Dec. 21, Shedd Aquarium staff and a participant of Shedd’s Teen Learning Lab delivered over 200 enrichment toys to The Anti-Cruelty Society they created as a holiday donation. An alumni of the Teen Learning Lab, Madly Espinoza, wanted to be sure Chicago’s shelter dogs were receiving the best mental stimulation possible. Espinoza felt without proper enrichment toys to play with these animals may be less likely to be adopted. Continue Reading>

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Local Schools Win Shedd Aquarium's Wreath-Cycled Challenge

Shedd Aquarium got into the holiday spirit with a fun, annual contest that gave Chicago-area teachers an opportunity to fold environmental education into their classrooms’ holiday celebrations with its Wreath-Cycled Classroom Challenge. Hosted by Shedd Aquarium’s Auxiliary Board, Wreath-Cycled is a holiday tradition designed to promote creativity and conservation among teachers and their classrooms, and encourage them to reduce, reuse and wreath-cycle. Continue Reading>

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Shedd Researchers Publish Study on Little-Known Great Lakes Amphibian 

Two Shedd Aquarium researchers published a study in the Journal of Great Lakes Research last weekend on a little-known amphibian that resides in the Great Lakes region, the mudpuppy (Necturus maculosus), as part of a multi-year research project in partnership with Southern Illinois University’s Department of Zoology, Center for Ecology, and Cooperative Wildlife Research LaboratoryContinue Reading>

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Shedd Aquarium Partners with SANCCOB to Rescue Endangered African Penguin Chicks

Each year, hundreds of endangered South African penguin chicks find themselves abandoned by their parents. For the fourth time, Shedd Aquarium, a leader in animal care and conservation, has teamed up with the South African Foundation for the Conservation of Costal Birds, SANCCOB, a non-profit that works to reverse the decline of seabird populations through the rescue, rehabilitation and release of ill, injured, abandoned and oiled seabirds. Continue Reading>

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Help Shedd Continue Caring for Our Newest Sea Otter Ellie 

Shedd Aquarium is rolling out a city-wide fundraising campaign as part of the global Nov. 29 #GivingTuesday celebration of   generosity to raise money for Shedd’s beloved sea otters. This year we’re dedicating #GivingTuesday to our newest rescue, sea otter pup Ellie. Continue Reading>

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Shedd Aquarium & Lucky Dog Rescue Partner to Find Forever Home for Shedd Trained Pup, Kobe

Shedd Aquarium, a leader in animal rescue and rehabilitation, and Lucky Dog Rescue, a local Chicagoland rescue organization, are working together to secure a permanent home for Shedd-trained rescue dog, Kobe. Continue Reading>

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Enjoy a Wintery, Watery Wonderland at Shedd Aquarium This Holiday Season

There's no place like Shedd Aquarium for the holidays! Guests are invited to explore and connect with animals, create magical memories, and keep an eye out for Santa, who will be making an appearance at Shedd throughout the holiday season.  Continue Reading>

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Shedd Aquarium Celebrates Chicago's World Series Win

The curse is over! After 108 years, Chicago’s North Side team has finally won the World Series! In honor of this historic win, the World’s Aquarium, is offering a special discount deal for fans to celebrate with our aquatic champions. Continue reading> 

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Shedd Aquarium Asks Public to Join in Mission to Help Animals in Need

Sea OtterIn addition to a new Animal Response Team name and cause awareness campaign, Shedd also launched a new "Sheddvocate" public engagement and advocacy program. Continue reading> 

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Shedd urges president to quickly implement the "Eliminate, Neutralize, and Disrupt (END) Wildlife Trafficking Act" 

Photo of a catfish.Shedd urges president to sign legislation that would harshen penalties for wildlife trafficking criminals that threaten endangered species. Continue reading>

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Shedd Aquarium celebrates Sea Otter Awareness Week

From September 18 to 24, Shedd Aquarium joins zoos and aquariums nationwide in educating the public on the threats sea otters face in the wild and the vital part they play in near shore ecosystems. Continue reading>

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Fall 2016 Shedd-ule of events

Summer may be coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean the fun needs to stop! See everything Shedd has planned this Fall. Continue reading> 

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Shedd Aquarium expands Great Lakes conservation research team

Dr. Karen Murchie

Shedd Aquarium is pleased to announce the hiring of Karen Murchie, Ph.D. to the Daniel P. Haerther Center for Conservation and Research. She will focus on studying Great Lakes ecosystems and migratory fishes. Continue reading>

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Shedd teams up with the Marine Mammal Center to care for stranded animals

Sea lion pupShedd Aquarium has partnered with the Marine Mammal Center to rescue and release sea lion and elephant seal pups. Continue reading>

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Shedd makes waves with 10th anniversary BLU fete

Blu 2016 terrace

This year marked the 10th anniversary of BLU, raising more than $450,000 to support Shedd’s rescue and rehabilitation, conservation, and education initiatives. Continue reading>

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Shedd's Brazilian breeds have athletic fetěs (and feets) of their own

Yellow footed tortise

Those looking to get a glimpse of some wildlife that can be found in the games' host country Brazil can stop by Shedd through the closing ceremonies to check out some of our sporty species. Continue reading>

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Chicago kids reveal Shedd dolphin calf name - Kukdlaa

Dolphin calf at shedd aquarium

Today, Chicago kids unveiled the name of Shedd Aquarium’s newest dolphin calf – Kukdlaa (KOOK-dlah). Continue reading> 

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Shark Week Shedd-ule of events at Shedd Aquarium

Zebra SharkJoin Shedd as we celebrate the return of Discovery Channel’s Shark Week from Sunday, June 26 to Sunday, July 3. Continue reading>  

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Shedd Microbiome Project adds post-doctoral associate Dr. Christian Edwardson

Dr. Christian Edwardson head shotShedd Aquarium, a pioneering researcher of aquarium microbial communities, announces the addition of Post-Doctoral Associate Dr. Christian Edwardson to the Shedd Aquarium Microbiome Project. Continue reading>

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Watch Shedd's cane toad chow down on Save the Frogs Day

cane toad eating a cricket

Get up-close and personal with a cane toad during meal time for Save the Frogs Day 2015 and learn how you can help amphibians. Continue reading> 

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Shedd penguins start nest building as mating season begins

A penguin building a nestAs Shedd's penguins prepare to pair up for mating season, sticks and rocks necessary for nest building have been introduced in the habitat where they will be carefully collected and arranged by the birds. Continue reading> 

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PUPdate: Shedd's newest sea otter rescue Pup 719 making herself right at home

Sea otter pup 719Shedd Aquarium’s newest rescued southern sea otter, Pup 719, is getting along “swimmingly” as she receives around-the-clock care in the Regenstein Sea Otter Nursery. Continue reading>

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Sea otter pup rescued from storms by Monterey Bay Aquarium finds permanent home at Shedd

Rescued southern sea otter pup

Shedd Aquarium announced February 16 that it has welcomed a seven-week-old orphaned southern sea otter pup to the aquarium as part of a collaborative partnership with Monterey Bay Aquarium. Continue reading>

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Shedd Aquarium Trustees Elect Bridget C. Coughlin, PhD as President & CEO

Chicago’s most visited cultural attraction and a national leader in animal care, conservation education, and marine research, proudly announced today that its Board of Trustees has elected Bridget C. Coughlin, PhD, as the organization’s new President & CEO. Continue reading>

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