Shedd Aquarium Wants You to Eat Sustainable Fish This October

National Seafood Month Celebration Encourages Choosing Sustainably-Sourced, Diversified Seafood

To celebrate National Seafood Month in October, Shedd Aquarium is encouraging Chicagoland residents to eat seafood this month–but make sure its diverse and sustainable! Whether it’s at home, at Shedd or at a local restaurant, locals can learn how seafood consumption impacts aquatic ecosystems and how they can help protect animals through the choices they make with their fork.

Aquatic ecosystems like the Great Lakes and the world’s oceans supply people with food, water, recreation and employment. When it comes to the fish that humans and animals consume, the supply is not endless. The National Seafood Month celebration calls attention to the importance of choosing sustainable and responsibly-sourced seafood to protect aquatic animals around the world.

Sustainably-sourced seafood, or sustainable seafood, is fish caught or farmed using responsible practices that ensure the long-term health of species and don’t damage the aquatic environment in the process of harvesting. For example, high demand for particular species of fish can lead to overfishing and poor management. Such is often the case with shrimp, salmon and tuna, which make up more than half of the seafood Americans eat annually.

Joining in the nation-wide celebration of seafood, Shedd experts and partners are celebrating underappreciated seafood options and recommending consumers eat diverse seafood through the month of October. Through a charity dinner, cooking demonstrations, special promotions and other activities, Chicagoland residents can become more informed seafood consumers, protecting the very animals that draw them to Shedd.  

On the Menu This Month

Dine with Shedd and Shaw’s Crab House–and #SheddtheStraw too!

Shaw's Crab House and Shedd Aquarium are celebrating sustainable seafood with a special five-course charity dinner on Oct. 10 at Shaw's, while also kicking off Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises' company-wide initiative to go strawless and officially #SheddTheStraw. Executive Chef Arnie Tellez and Sommelier Steve Tindle are teaming up to create a menu that showcases the restaurant’s long-standing commitment to serving sustainable seafood and wines for over three decades. The exclusive dinner is $95 per person (tax and gratuity not included) and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to Shedd Aquarium to support conservation programs.


Learn How to Cook Up Something Savory with Kendall College

Eating fish? At an aquarium? Indeed! On Saturday, Oct. 27, Kendall College culinary students will host a collaborative cooking demonstration with Shedd Aquarium’s sustainable seafood experts in the Oceans gallery at Shedd Aquarium. The students will show guests how to prepare a delicious and sustainable seafood dinner plate that they created themselves using sustainably-sourced fish.

  • Saturday, October 27 from 11a.m. to12p.m.
  • Oceans gallery at Shedd Aquarium


Give Back to Shedd with a Purchase from Sitka Salmon Shares

Is the fish you buy at the grocery store wild-caught or farmed, from the Pacific or Atlantic? As you whip up savory seafood dishes at home in celebration of National Seafood Month, the best way to ensure you’re purchasing sustainable seafood is simply knowing where it’s coming from. We’ve teamed up with Sitka Salmon Shares to make it easy for you year-round. Sitka Salmon Shares allows you to purchase a “Share” of premium, sustainably-sourced catch from their collective of small-boat fishing families in Southeast Alaska, who catch your next meal with lots of love and care and send your harvest – from Pacific cod and halibut to sockeye salmon and crab – right to your doorstep. To celebrate National Seafood Month, Sitka Salmon Shares will be giving $25 to Shedd Aquarium for every 2019 Share sold in October to support Shedd’s conservation efforts.

  • Valid October 1 through October 31 at  
  • Receive $25 off your 2019 Share using the code “Shedd19”

For more information about our Sustainable Seafood Program, visit


Visuals: Humans aren’t the only ones who can eat sustainable seafood. Many of Shedd Aquarium’s animal residents do too! Whether they are swallowing their fish whole or choose to take small bites and save the rest for later, Shedd’s animals are celebrating National Seafood Month too.

Video Assets: High-resolution b-roll footage of Shedd Aquarium’s animals enjoying sustainable seafood is available for download:

Video Credit: ©Shedd Aquarium/Sam Cejtin

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