Green Tips

How can you stay green and help keep our world's oceans and lakes healthy? Check out our lesser-known green tips! And be sure to watch our conservation video suite about food, energy and water. 

Cut the grass

Cut the grass — and we mean cut it out. Lawns consume tremendous amounts of water, pesticides and fossil fuels (from mowers and fertilizers). Replace the turf with native clovers, mosses, or other native ground covers for a drought-resistant, wildlife-friendly yard that also benefits your wallet. 

Reuse bags

Cut down on packaging at the grocery store. Buy dry foods from bulk bins and reuse bags when you restock. Consider skipping produce bags: A quick wash at home will clean the food, and a small stash of plastic bags can be reused to keep greens fresh in the fridge.

Clean green

You don’t have to break the bank going green. Instead of purchasing new green cleaners, dig around in your cabinets. Diluted vinegar is a perfect surface and glass cleaner, and borax or baking soda will scrub away grease stains or clean tubs and tiles. No chemicals means no gloves needed, either!

Go local

When possible, go for local, sustainable and organic food options. Pick up your produce (and lots of other goodies) at your local farmers market or sign up for a CSA (community-supported agriculture) program and support farmers in your region who are committed to sustainable practices that promote healthier environments and people!