Susan Barton

Director, Facilities

As the Facilities Director at Shedd Aquarium, Susan Barton oversees the aquarium’s outsourced environmental services and other concerns, such as pest control. Barton is the driving force behind the recycling and waste management programs, as well as any other physical space oversight and maintenance at Shedd. She also has been instrumental in implementing green initiatives throughout the aquarium, including the installation of a food digester.

Barton began her career at Shedd as an intern working on the building grounds with the horticulture manager. Throughout her nearly 20-year tenure, she has worked in the administration department and has since ascended to her current role.

Prior to joining Shedd, Barton worked in the advertising field. She is an avid supporter of wildlife, conservation and upholding the aquarium's mission. Barton has assisted in various mussel surveys, beach sweeps and external conservation activities at Shedd because of her love for the great outdoors. She graduated from Lake Erie College with a bachelor's degree in French and art. When she is not volunteering during her down time, Barton enjoys playing the piano, gardening, playing golf, or working on new creative projects for Shedd.


Susan Barton, Director of Facilities Maintenance
University attended

B.A. in French and Art, Lake Erie College

Volunteering, playing the piano, gardening and playing golf

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