Eve Barrs


As an aquarist with Shedd’s quarantine team, Eve Barrs uses her knowledge of freshwater fish husbandry to provide top-quality care for a range of native Great Lakes species that find homes at Shedd. She also partners with Shedd’s Learning department to teach Great Lakes fishes courses and introduces students and teachers to their local waters during freshwater ecology field programs. Barrs is a RiverWatch leader, a member of Shedd’s Sustainability Engagement and Awareness Team and a member of the North American Native Fish Association. She received a Bachelor of Science degree in zoology from Southern Illinois University, where she specialized in aquaculture. 


Eve Barrs, Senior AquaristI grew up camping and canoeing in natural areas around Illinois. The fascination for observing and interacting with fishes that I had as a child only became stronger as I took college courses on the subject. I couldn't get enough! It's great to continue with my passion at Shedd.