Animal Facts

Shedd Aquarium is home to 32,000 animals. Probably more than a million if you count every coral polyp. We have a dazzlingly diverse array of animals that inhabit freshwater, marine, terrestrial and even aerial environments.

So you’ll meet river turtles and sea otters, but you’ll also find tiny monkeys and tinier frogs that live high and dry but are integral parts of the Amazon flooded forest ecosystem. And the world’s rarest iguana species, found on one rocky desert islet in the Bahamas. We have penguins that “fly” through the water and dolphins that can leap and spin 20 feet in the air. You’ll find fishes that change pattern or shape, croak or bark, spit to knock insect prey out of trees and even surface for a breath of air.

Want more animal facts? Our free audio guides share everything you’d want to know about some of the aquarium’s most memorable species.