Rescue & Rehabilitation

For nearly five decades, Shedd has responded when animals are in urgent need.

Our animal care and veterinary teams apply their knowledge and skills to safely and expertly assist the wild counterparts of the species they know so well at Shedd — whether it’s relocating endangered Illinois mussels at a development site, providing around-the-clock care for a stranded sea otter pup in California, or partnering with other aquariums to rescue and treat sea turtles after an oil spill.

While the goal is to return rehabilitated animals to the wild, that’s not always possible. Working with federal and state wildlife officials, Shedd has been able to provide permanent homes, along with specialized care, to animals that can no longer survive on their own. In fact, some of the animals most beloved by our guests — including our sea turtle, sea otters and sea lions — were rescues.

Shedd is committed to the welfare of wild animals — within the aquarium and around the world. Through your support, you ensure that our experts are always ready to grab their wetsuits and medical kits to help wherever animals are in urgent need.