Shedd + Advocate = Sheddvocate

Our new Sheddvocate program lets anyone who loves Shedd’s animals and cares about their counterparts in the wild to take actions to support our Animal Response Team.

When you become a Sheddvocate, you ensure that Shedd experts are always ready to grab their wetsuits and medical kits to help animals in need. And by getting involved in your community—including online—you can protect aquatic animals and their ecosystems around the world. Here’s how:

Pledge to take collective actions to address threats to wildlife. Right now, billions of pounds of single-use plastic pollution foul our global oceans and kill marine animals. 

Give. When you symbolically adopt a penguin or sea otter, you support the care of these and other rescued animals at Shedd.

Share your passion as a Sheddvocate by engaging your personal networks with the problems facing wildlife and Shedd’s dedicated work to solve them.   

Visit. Meet the 40 animals at Shedd that represent successful rescue stories! And every admission and membership supports the Animal Response Team’s ongoing work. 

  • Become a Sheddvocate
  • As a Sheddvocate, I plan to do one or more of the following actions:*