Aquarium Conservation Partnership

Aquariums and our visitors share a deep love for the aquatic world. Now we’re uniting in a new partnership to protect it.

The Aquarium Conservation Partnership (ACP) is a first-of-its-kind collaboration of aquariums joining together to promote ocean and freshwater conservation, specifically by reducing plastic pollution in our oceans, lakes and rivers.

We can’t do it without your help. See how you can take action to protect the animals you love at

The problem of plastic pollution
About 8.8 million tons of plastic enter the global ocean each year. That’s the equivalent of a dump truck pouring a load of plastic trash into the ocean every minute, every day. Within 10 years, that rate is expected to double.

It’s no exaggeration that the amount of plastic trash in the ocean could outweigh the total amount of fish by 2050. Rivers and lakes are at least as polluted as the oceans: An estimated 1 billion plastic particles float on the surface of Lake Michigan.

U.S. consumers generate an average 220 pounds of plastic waste per person a year—the highest rate in the world. Most of the trash is single-use plastic—bottles, food wrappers, straws and more.

This debris, whole or in bits, has been found in or has entangled more than 700 species including sea turtles, seabirds and marine mammals, often with fatal results.

How you can help
Visit for examples of what you can do and to support the work of the Aquarium Conservation Partnership.

If you don’t already, carry a reusable water bottle and keep a fold-up cloth shopping bag in your car or tote. Switch to a glass or metal straw. Be mindful of the plastic packaging on products you buy and recycle diligently to keep plastic waste out of the environment.

You can stay up-to-date on the plastics issue by becoming a Sheddvocate. Take action and share your passion for conservation with your personal networks.

What Shedd is doing
Shedd Aquarium is one of the founding members of the ACP and helped develop the strategies to combat plastic pollution. We have already eliminated many single-use plastic products, including bags and straws, in our operations and are working with vendors, our gift store and our food service to reduce plastic packaging.

Through our #SheddTheStraw campaign, we are raising awareness about single-use plastics among our guests, members, online followers and the metro Chicago community to increase consumer demand for innovative alternatives—and make those alternatives available through our stores and product partnerships.

About the Aquarium Conservation Partnership
Launched by Monterey Bay Aquarium, Shedd Aquarium and National Aquarium, ACP membership currently includes 19 U.S. aquariums accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums.

In collaborating, ACP members look to leverage their unique assets—scientific expertise, a trusted connection with the public, business leadership and credibility with decision makers—to address and influence conservation issues at the local, state, national and international level.