Become a Collaborator

Shedd Aquarium’s Sustainable Seafood Program works with restaurants and businesses in the seafood industry to provide resources and support for sourcing sustainable seafood. Shedd offers a variety of engagement levels for a diversity of businesses and organizations interested in joining us in our mission for sustainable seafood.

Sustainable Seafood Toolkit
The Shedd Aquarium Sustainable Seafood Toolkit is a free and public resource for any chef, restaurant manager, or seafood buyer looking to create or improve a sustainable seafood commitment. This toolkit includes a list of key seafood definitions and resources, a hot topic and myth-busting document, as well as a sustainable seafood commitment worksheet.

Sustainable Seafood Collaborators
Shedd’s Sustainable Seafood Program offers seafood sourcing consultation, staff trainings and event collaboration to businesses looking for a deeper level of engagement. In return for these services, we ask that our seafood collaborators meet a basic level of sustainable seafood commitment.

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