College Programs

Maximize your professional goals through Shedd’s continuing education programs. Featuring real-world research and access to 32,000 animals, the world becomes your classroom when you study in the Bahamas or connect with Shedd staff and animals through professional work experiences.

Two staff workers at SheddOur internships offer specific, in-depth experiences to college students interested in aquarium-related careers. Duration varies with the program, and preference is given to students currently enrolled in a degree program.

Shedd Assistants in the fieldThe assistantship program is for college students who have previously participated in Shedd programs. During this paid experience, you'll work alongside Shedd staff to gain professional experience across departments.

Shedd Coral Reef IIUndergraduate classes in marine and aquatic ecology designed to connect students to Shedd’s animals, experts, and field research program are offered to students at ACCA schools 

Two Shedd professionalsAre you a teacher interested in receiving continuing education or graduate credit? Check out our professional development opportunities.