Learning Labs Grades 6-8

New this school year!
Programs for grades 6 through 8 are now available four days a week: Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays!  They can accommodate up to 30 students and are a 90-minute program.

$125 September-March
$145 April-June

Be sure to check out our learning lab guides to accompany the lessons below!

Exploring Anatomy: Squid Dissection

Examine the morphology of a squid during a student-driven dissection. Students work together to identify parts of a squid and explore the many adaptations that help this invertebrate be the predator—not the prey—in its habitat.

Key concepts: adaptations, predator/prey relationships, physiology, anatomy, taxonomy 

Skills: scientific investigation and method, collaboration and communication, group work, presentation, inquiry

Resources: Download the Squid Dissection Learning Lab Guide

Lakeshore Ecology

Students explore exhibit habitats and measure the health of an aquatic system by performing water-quality tests on samples from Shedd and from Lake Michigan. They’re challenged to use their results to determine whether they would recommend that Shedd design an exhibit in the lake.

Key concepts: ecosystems, ecological impact, life history, invasive species, human impact

Skills: scientific method and investigation, collaboration and communication, data collection and analysis, experimentation, prediction

Resources: Download the Lakeshore Ecology Learning Lab Guide.

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Connecting to the Standards

Shedd's learning labs are designed to support with the Next Generation Science Standards and Common Core Standards. Learn more information here.

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