Science Tech Treks K-Grade 2

Our learning experiences for kindergarten through grade 2 are an all-new series of dynamic exhibit-based learning opportunities. These programs get your students into the aquarium to explore, observe and think. They’ll use tablets to photograph and collect data on the animals and their habitats. Then back in the classroom, you’ll receive an electronic copy of your students’ work to build on the field trip experience with engaging post-trip activities. 

Science Tech Treks for kindergarten through grade 2 are available Tuesdays through Fridays. They can accommodate up to 30 students and are a 40-minute program.

$95 September-March
$125 April-June

Be sure to check out the Field Trip Preparation and Field Trip Follow Up resources to accompany the programs below!

Junior Aquarists

Have you ever wondered how we care for 32,000 animals at the aquarium? Working in small groups, students will learn more about the job of an aquarist. Students will use an upcoming tablet app to look closer at animal behaviors and needs, using prediction, observation, comparison and contrast, and documentation skills.

Key Concepts: animal care, feeding, temperature

Skills: observations, comparing and contrasting, predictions

Resources: Junior Aquarists Learning Resources

Animal Explorers

Animals come in different shapes, sizes and colors! Just like scientists, students will use observation skills to learn more about animal diversity. Working in small groups and using an upcoming tablet app, students will look for different kinds of animals, take their photos and then add their observations. After the field trip, you will receive an electronic copy of your students’ annotated photo albums.

Key Concepts: camouflage, adaptations, colors and patterns, movement

Skills: observations, comparing and contrasting, documentation

Resources: Animal Explorers Learning Resources

This project was made possible in part by the Institute for Museum and Library Services.
Institute of Museum and Library Services

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