Junior Aquarists: Post-trip Activities

Mission 1: Completing Your KWL Chart

After visiting the aquarium, return to the KWL chart you created. Review what you recorded under the “Know” and “Want to know” sections. Were you able to answer any of the questions you asked before your trip? Now fill out the remaining column with information you learned about aquarists and the animals in their care.

Mission 2: Mouth Shape Activity

At the aquarium, you were able to observe animals eating. Using the information you learned at the aquarium, have students brainstorm a list of foods they saw animals eating. Let students know that sometimes the shape of an animal’s mouth can tell you about what it eats. Click here for a worksheet that will allow you to make predictions about what foods match the animals’ mouth shapes. 

Teacher Tip: Think, Pair, Share

Think: Have students independently think about why they matched an animal’s mouth shape with a particular food.

Pair: Have students pair up and discuss their thoughts.

Share: After students have had a chance to discuss their answers, pairs can share their ideas with the whole group.