I Wonder Shedd

Share your questions with @SheddLearning on Twitter using #IWonderShedd.  Before your field trip, ask students: “What do you want to find out about animals at Shedd?”  During your field trip: “What does observing the animals make you wonder?”  After your field trip: “What do you want to learn more about?”

"What do sea turtles eat?" - First grader

Green sea turtles eat plants like sea grasses. Nickel, the green sea turtle here at Shedd, eats a couple of heads of romaine lettuce each day!

You can read about Nickel’s story here. 

"I wonder how frogs jump..." - Kindergartener

Frog species adopt different leaping styles depending on their environment.  Not all frogs jump as a primary means of transportation. In fact, some frogs hop and some even walk!  Scientists have found that tree dwelling frogs can reach great heights but do not cover much distance with their jumps.  Aquatic frogs, meanwhile, jump very long distances but remain close to the ground, while the jumps of burrowing frogs are low both in height and distance.

On your visit to Shedd Aquarium, take time to observe frogs’ movements in the Amazon exhibit.

Throughout the school year, @SheddLearning will highlight some of the #IWonderShedd questions that are posted.  Even though @SheddLearning will not be able to answer all questions students submit, the process of coming up with questions sparks curiosity for students and is part of inquiry-based science.

Before your field trip

Create a KWL (Know, Wonder, Learn) chart with your students!

What do they KNOW about the animals at Shedd Aquarium? What do they WONDER about the animals at Shedd aquarium? After the field trip fill in, what did they LEARN about the animals at Shedd Aquarium? Do they have any new things they are wondering about?

Share those “wonder” questions with us on Twitter, using the hashtag #IWonderShedd. Even though @SheddLearning will not be able to answer all questions students submit, the process of coming up with questions creates excitement and curiosity for the students.

During your field trip

How could students investigate their questions during their field trip to Shedd? Are there observations they could do to find answers?

  • Example: I wonder if fishes like to swim alone… This student could observe different types of fishes' behavior throughout the aquarium, noting if they are alone or in groups. 
  • Example: I wonder how frogs jump…This student could observe a frog’s legs while it jumps in the Amazon or Amphibians exhibits.
  • Example: I wonder what sea turtles eat…This student could observe the sea turtle in the Caribbean Reef exhibit to see if they notice her eating any food items.

While on their field trip, make time for students to observe the animals and come up with new questions. What does seeing the animals make them wonder?

Share students’ investigations, observations, and questions with #IWonderShedd!

After your field trip

Students can further investigate their “I wonder…” by reading books, conducting a research project, or searching trusted websites. Our Shedd Learning Pinterest boards, may have resources on the animals students are looking for.

We would love for you to share how students discovered the answers to their questions with #IWonderShedd too!

Search #IWonderShedd on Twitter to see what other students are wondering!