Teen Learning Lab FAQs

Who can visit?
Teens in high school.

When can I visit?
If you are new to the Teen Learning Lab, we suggest you attend one of our orientations. See the events calendar for dates of orientations, upcoming events, workshops and lab hours.

How do I get involved?
You can get involved in the Teen Learning Lab just by coming during any of our open hours. There is no registration required, although you can let us know your interests before your first visit by filling out this survey online.

After attending the Teen Learning Lab your first time, you will be asked complete a Program Participant Agreement. You can complete this form before your first visit by downloading it here.

What is a community project?
Our community projects are teen-driven group projects that meet regularly in the Teen Learning Lab. Any high school teen is welcome to join us for our community projects.

What kinds of projects can I bring to the lab?
The Teen Learning Lab is a space driven by your interests. Teen Learning Lab mentors can work with you to develop almost any project you’d like to start, including school or science fair projects. Due to aquarium policies and the limited use of some resources, some projects may not be possible in the Teen Learning Lab.

Are adults allowed in this space?
Aside from Shedd staff, no. We ask that this space be used as it was intended: for teens only!

How much does it cost?
The Teen Learning Lab is free.

Do I need to bring an ID with me?
Yes, please bring your school ID with you.

How do I get to Shedd?
We recommend using public transportation. Find out more about getting to Shedd.

What is a hackerspace/makerspace?
A hackerspace/makerspace is “a community-operated workspace where people with common interests, often in computers, technology, science, digital art, or electronic art, can meet, socialize and/or collaborate.”

I have a group that is very interested in the Teen Learning Lab, can you arrange a group visit?
If you would like to bring a group to the lab, please email teenlab@sheddaquarium.org and tell us more about your group and what your needs are.

What is currently happening in the Teen Learning Lab
The easiest way to see what events are taking place is to look at the events calendar.

Do you have anyone who wants to mentor me?
The Teen Learning Lab has mentors from almost every career field at Shedd Aquarium, including exhibit design, animal care, animal training, husbandry, technology, marketing and many others. Mentors bring projects to the Teen Learning Lab when they need your help or ideas. Working alongside a mentor, you can gain an inside look into new career fields and get hands-on experience with their projects. For a full schedule of mentors, see our Calendar page.

My younger sibling/friend is really interested in science; can I bring her to the lab?
We are unable to provide supervision for youth not in high school.

I’m under 14. Can I join?
The Teen Learning Lab is open to anyone who is considered a high school student. This includes teens who are in  high school-equivalent home school environments. For questions about this requirement, please contact teenlab@sheddaquarium.org.

Who do I contact if I have safety questions?
The safety of students using the Teen Learning Lab is a top priority. Two adult educators are in the lab at all times and security staffers are also on site. Email teenlab@sheddaquarium.org for all safety questions.