Teen Orientations FAQ

Who can attend Teen Orientations?
Teens in high school. 

What happens during a Teen Orientation?
Each orientation includes an overview of all programs that we provide to teens throughout the year, highlighting those with active or upcoming application windows. Our goal is to help you choose the best program based on your interests and available time commitments. During the orientation, we provide a variety of experiences that might include behind-the-scenes tours from staff experts, mentor-led engagements from a variety of departments, and art and research projects. If you would prefer a schedule of events, please email teenlab@sheddaquarium.org, and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Are Teen Orientations mandatory?
While we think they are extremely helpful, orientations are not mandatory. We encourage you to register for any program that interests you. Teen Orientations are designed to help you discover what programs are offered to best suit your needs. They offer you an opportunity to connect with other teens and experts and explore the many exciting things that happen at Shedd Aquarium.

How much does it cost?
Teen Orientations are free.

Do I need to bring an ID with me?
Yes, please bring your school ID with you. 

How do I get to Shedd?
We recommend using public transportation. The CTA’s 146 Museum Campus bus has a convenient aquarium stop. Find out more about getting to Shedd. We also offer two free Ventra passes when you join us for a Teen Orientation. 

Is there anywhere for me to park my car during the orientation?
There is metered parking on Solidarity Drive. You can also park in the Soldier Field north garage, although that option is more expensive, especially when there’s an event at the stadium.

Are adults allowed at Teen Orientations?
Orientations are intended for teens only. They are supposed to be a jumping-off point for teen independence within Shedd Aquarium, where teens can direct their own learning and make the choices that best fit their needs. If an adult must escort you to the orientation, we have a lunchroom with seating and vending machines available where he or she can wait until the orientation has concluded.

My younger sibling/friend is really interested in science; can I bring her to the lab?
We are unable to provide supervision for youth not in high school.

I’m under 14. Can I join?
Teen Orientations are open to anyone who is considered a high school student. This includes teens who are in high school-equivalent homeschool environments. For more information about this requirement, please contact teenlab@sheddaquarium.org.

Who do I contact if I have safety questions?
The safety of students during Teen Orientations is a top priority. Two adult staff members are always present, and security staffers are also on site. Email teenlab@sheddaquarium.org for all safety questions.