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Lessons 1-2: Providing Forever Homes

Sea otter

Sometimes in our efforts we come across animals that cannot be returned to the wild. Many of these  animals can find permanent homes at Shedd!

Lesson 1: Shedd Habitat Designer
Lesson 2: Otter Enrichment Design

Lessons 3-4: Friends to the Rescue

Animal Response TeamShedd scientists have positive impacts on wildlife in Chicago and the Great Lakes. But we also collaborate with scientists and organizations all over the world to help animals in need!

Lesson 3: Penguin Rescue & Rehabilitation
Lesson 4: Coral Rescue & Rehabilitation

Lesson 5: What You Can Do

Shedd staffYou've seen the amazing work being done in the wild and at Shedd Aquarium. Now it's time to see how you can use your power to create change to help animals and ecosystems too!

Lesson 5: Citizen Science

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