Shedd Kids Care

Shedd Kids Care is a giving program for kids of all ages who want to make a difference at Shedd! They’ll be helping the animals and the environment, and in return, they’ll learn about the importance of philanthropy, community service and animal care.

As the next generation, kids will be relied on in the future to help us make a difference right here at Shedd, in our communities and around the world. The great thing about Shedd Kids Care is that they don’t have to wait until they grow up—kids can start making a difference today!

How does it work?
Step one: Get creative! Kids will use their imaginations to raise funds for Shedd Aquarium, whether it’s at a birthday party or a classroom fundraiser. Their efforts will support Shedd’s general operations in the areas of animals care, learning, community access and sustainability. Kids have a lot to gain for themselves, too—they’ll get first-hand lessons in philanthropy, community service and the importance of helping others.

How can I/we get involved?
Are your kids ready to make a difference? Follow these easy steps to start your Shedd Kids Care adventure today!

Shedd Kids Care at Home

Shedd Kids Care in the Classroom