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Staff member Dan Lorbeske sits behind the scenes in one of the Amazon Rising habitats.

Dan Lorbeske

Supervisor, Fishes Opterations

Dan Lorbeske oversees the Galleries team, which takes care of the Oceans, At Home on the Great Lakes, Islands and Lakes, and Rivers galleries, as well as the Caribbean Reef and Stingray Touch exhibits.


B.S., biological science; B.S., conservation and ecological sciences, University of Wisconsin

“I enjoy watching an exhibit as a whole, not just looking at an individual animal or species, but seeing the exhibit as a living ecosystem. It makes me happy to see animals behaving as they would in nature.”

Dan Lorbeske’s greatest source of satisfaction is creating habitats in which animals thrive and display natural behaviors. Then he loves to see how guests, especially children, respond to seeing the animals in their natural settings. Lorbeske’s dedication to the environmental needs of the animals in his care is reflected in the five-year effort to establish a successful rearing enclosure for zebra plecos, small, boldly banded catfish native to the Amazon basin.

He was a member of the Amazon Rising team in the Fishes department for 16 years before taking on the leadership position on the Galleries team. Before coming to Shedd, Lorbeske gained hands-on fish husbandry experience in the retail pet market and spent a few months at a Wisconsin state fish hatchery. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee with bachelor’s degrees in biological science and in conservation and ecological sciences.