Open 9 am - 5 pm

Timing of Submissions

Requests must be received a minimum of two months before the date of the event. If your organization misses this deadline, feel free to submit your request for the following year.

A clownfish pokes out from behind anemone at Shedd Aquarium.

For your request to be considered, you must meet the following donation criteria:

  • Requesting organization must be 501(c)(3).
  • Requests must be submitted on organization's letterhead and be accompanied by the organization's IRS tax-determination letter.
  • Request can be mailed or emailed. No third-party requests will be approved.
  • Requests must be received three months in advance of need.
  • An organization will be approved for only one request per year.
  • Tickets not used by the expiration date cannot be reissued and will become void after expiration date.
  • The aquarium cannot grant requests involving animal interactions, memberships, or behind-the-scenes tours.