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Admiral Daniel P. Haerther Charitable Trust
Bank of America
Dover Corporation
Estate of Winifred C. Clark
Institute of Museum and Library Sciences
John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation
Northern Trust
The Regenstein Foundation 
United Airlines


Harvey L. Miller Supporting Foundation
Marie and Harry Hostetler
Schneider Electric


Anna and Bob Livingston
Brian A. Kenney and Kristin Longley
Carrie Morgridge
Chicago Community Trust
ComEd, An Exelon Company
Crown Family Philanthropies
Elizabeth and Matthew Connelly
Ford Motor Company Fund
GATX Corporation 
Katie and Brent Gledhill
Gordon Salons
Great Lakes Coca-Cola
Hilton Hotels
The Joseph and Bessie Feinberg Foundation
JP Morgan Chase
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Keyser
Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Krebs
Motorola Solutions
Morgridge Family Foundation
National Science Foundation
Mr. Peter Shedd Reed
Richard and Dixie Erwin
Robert and Charlene Shaw
Sarrah Lapinsky Trust
Shaw Family Supporting Org.
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Byron Smith
Ventana Charitable Foundation
Zebra Technologies Corporation
Anonymous (3)


95 Percent Share Marketing
Aon Corporation
Baxter International Inc.
Bears Care
Bell & Anderson
Tracey and Ed Benford
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen P. Bent
Kelley and Joan Bergstrom
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Braik
Lauran and Myrna Bromley
Karen and Tuey Connell, Butler Family Foundation
Jack Butler and John VanderLinden, Birch Lake Holdings
Paul and Amy Carbone
William and Jenifer Chase
CNA Insurance
Hugh and Karen Connell, Butler Family Foundation
Family of Barry Crown
Bruce and Deborah Crown
Elizabeth Crown and Bill Wallace
Discover Financial Services
Dr. Scholl Foundation
Paula and David Epstein
Ernst & Young
Mr. and Mrs. James Glasser, D & R Fund
Dana Waud Floberg
Richard and Tamberly Frain
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Frain
H. John and Katherine Gilbertson
Kathryn and John Gilbertson
Sarah and Jonathan Graham
Donna and Anders Gustafsson
Hattersley Family Fund
Jill Jollay
Dr. Ann L. Jones and Mr. Gregory K. Jones
Tom and Alissa King
Christopher Klingenstein and Nikki March Klingenstein
David and Lesly Koo
Jayne and Jerry Krulewitch
Patrick and Ligia Mendez/The Wege Foundation
Molson Coors
Susan and Robert S. Morrison
Jim and Letitia Murphy
Norfolk Southern Foundation
Peoples Gas Light and Coke Company
PFK Family Foundation
Ms. Helen S. Reed
Mr. and Mrs. John Shedd Reed Jr.
Russell Reynolds Associates
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Sandner
Rodd and Susan Schreiber
Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd A. Semple, Jr.
Brian and Adria Sheth, The Sheth Sangreal Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. William N. Sick
Alex and Parita Singla
Stepan Company
The Sheth Sangreal Foundation
The Warner Hegner Family Fund
Ms. Jane L. Warner and Mr. John Hegener


Aurelio's Pizza
Nancy and Walter Bell
Carol Lavin Bernick
Birch Lake Associates, LLC
Judith S. Block
Bloomberg Philanthropies 
Adrienne and Arnold Brookstone
Kenneth Buchanan
Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Burke, Sr.
Mr. Timothy G. Carroll
Ms. Mia Celano and Mr. Noel L. Dunn
CityPass, Inc.
Stephanie Comer and Robert Craigie
Mrs. Laura Armour Cook
Crescent Cleaning
Robin Blesi Doerge
Gretchen Hoffmann and Joseph Doherty
Duchossois Family Foundation
Arjun Dutt
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Elbert
Event Network, Inc.
Mary and Bruce Feay
Ferrara Candy Company
Peter and Joanne Fischer
Mr. and Mrs. Peter B. Foreman
The Friedman Family
Bob and Kim Gallo
Sarah and John Garvey
GCM Grosvenor
William and Joan Gilboy
Donald Grasso
Tracie and Jeff Haas
Matthew and Annie Harris
John Harris and Stephanie Field Harris
Mr. and Mrs. Quentin G. Heisler, Jr.
Kimberlee S. Herold
Meg and John Hesselmann
John M. Holmes
Glenn Horton
Mr. Tim Huizenga
Hyatt Hotels Corporation
Howard Isenberg
Kate and Jonathan Jackson
JPMorgan Securities
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Keiser Donor Advised Fund at The Chicago Community Trust
KeyBank National Association
Dr. and Mrs. Alan C. Keyes
Christopher Kim Household
Klingenstein Family
The Knowles Foundation
Katie and Kevin Lawler
Mr. and Mrs. Alex Levy
Louis and Nellie Sieg Fund
Ms. Susan Luciu
Amy and Charles Marlas
Marci Matthews
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew McNally V
Brian and Catharon Miller
Mr. and Mrs. J. Jay Miller
Mr. Lester Murschell
National Fish and Wildlife Foundation
Andrew Nocella
Gillian Flynn and Brett Nolan
Mr. and Mrs. James J. O'Connor
Jeffrey Ollada
Jennifer and Bradford Page
Marian Phelps Pawlick
Peapod, LLC
Pepper Construction Group
Plante Moran
PNC and The PNC Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Connelly
Angela and Mark Pool
Power Construction
Ginevra Reed and James Ralph
The Regenstein Foundation
Merle Reskin and Issy Bloomingdale
Robert Bosch Tool Corporation
Julie and Don Rocap
Alan Rottman
S&C Electric Company
Jeanine M. Sheehan
Ross Shelleman and Tricia Rooney
Dr. Susan P. Sherman and Mr. David A. Sherman
Colleen and John Sieger
SimEx Iwerks Entertainment
Kimberly and John Simios
Sara Sirotzky
Dr. Gretchen and Mark Skoog
Scott and Kathleen Strnad
Bill and Stephanie Sick
Target Data
Lisa and Richard Tobin
USG Corporation, Inc.
USG Corporation
Virginia Institute Of Marine Science
W.W. Grainger, Inc.
Christina and Steve Weller
White Claw Hard Seltzer
William Blair & Company
Donald R. Wilson Jr. Family Foundation


Annette and Jeff Adams
Dan and Mary Armour and Family
The Baryl Family
Stephanie and Richard Blommer Household
Paula Borg and Tom Stemwedel
Roger O. Brown
Caroline Buch
Alfred and Leigh Buettner
Meredith and Jack Callison
Susan and Michael Canmann
Joyce Chelberg
Joan Chihan and Bridget McFarland
Mr. Nathaniel P. Clapp
Nathaniel Clapp
Froilan and Cecilia Concepcion
Carolyn and Wes Cornwell
Mary B. Cunat
Mrs. Jerome L. Ettelson
Mr. Nathan Fencl
Joan McCormack Ferrill
David and Meggan Flom
Joyce and Timothy Greening
Kristen Gresham
Tonja and Max Hall
James and Mary Hamman
Mr. and Mrs. John Hammond III
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Hartman
Mr. and Mrs. Wallace L. Head
Mr. and Mrs. Brett Herbison
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Holzheimer
Arthur and Jan Holzheimer
Maria Hrycelak, M.D./Park Ridge Pediatrics
Peter and Abigail Huizenga
Ink Factory
Julie Andreeff Jensen and Niels Jensen
John and Laurel Kasang
Emily Krall
Allen LaPointe
Mr. and Mrs. John Jeffry Louis III
Marcie Love
Jordan Lowe and Nevila Lowe-Qylafku
Steve Madry and Valerie Vlahos Madry
Robert* and Judy Marth
Mr. and Mrs. Archibald McClure
Douglas McClure
Mr. and Mrs. John V.N. McClure
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald McKee
Cheryl Mell
John and Sandra Miller
Julie and Scott Moller
Suzanne and Michael Nelson
John and Brenna Nichols
Mr. and Mrs. William J. O'Neill
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Osborn
Richard and Robin Parish
Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Perkaus, Jr.
Ms. Denise Peterson
Portsmith Restaurant
Mary and John Rayis
Mr. and Mrs. L. Keith Reed
The Richard Laurence Parish Foundation
Robert W. Baird and Co. Incorporated
Abbie Roth
Sahara Enterprises
Linda E. Salisbury
Mr. and Mrs. G.P. Searle
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Sheffield III
Thomas and Lucinda Sheffield
Linda and Guy Snyder
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Stucker
Ed and Pat Sutarik
Rose and Robert Wagner
Brian and Justine Walsh
Dr. Deborah E. Weber and Dr. Norman Chapman
Jack and Goldie Wolfe Miller Fund
James M. Woodbury
Anonymous (3)


Dawn and Mark Abernathy
Alvin H. Baum Family Fund on behalf of Mr. and Mrs. Joel Friedman
Laura and Matthew Anderson
Lindsey and Merrick Axel
Barbara Ann Steel Charitable Foundation
Thomas and Kara Barta
Eric, Nancy, Nic & Nate Beaumont
Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. Becht
Peter and Beth Bensen
Mr. Seth Bent
Jill Billhorn
Mr. and Mrs. Philip D. Block IV
Mrs. Amy D. Brody
Tony and Maureen Bromwell
Jami and Gregory Brown
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Buck
Mr. and Mrs. Matt Canna
Clerestory Consulting LLC
Catherine and Edward Clinton
John and Sarah Cobb
Becca Coggins
Earle and Virginia Combs
Mark Cornell
Dr. Bridget C. Coughlin and Dr. Brian Wegner
Laura and Dave Davis Household
William Drehkoff and Kate Protextor
Duane Morris LLP
Timothy S. Eisler
Mr. and Mrs. William M. Feldman
William and Lisa FitzSimons
Jeff and Heather Fleitz
Susan Frazetti and Guy Deboo
Joel and Iris Friedman
Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Godfrey
David and Carol Golder
Anuj and Karthika Gupta
John and Dana Hagenah
Mr. Scott Hensley
Hoellen Family Foundation
Lance Hornaday and Kathleen Check
Heidi Huizenga
Mr. and Mrs. C. Hadlai Hull
Mario and Giovanna Imbarrato
Rebecca Johnston and Jeffrey Maling
Mrs. Richard L. Joutras
Jennifer and John Keller
Carson and Holli Kern
Rachel Kolar
Rene and Bruce Lauer
David Lee
Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Lee
Richard and Dawn Lee
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Levin
Hillary Levun
David and Alexandra Levy
Jennifer Lucas

Madison Dearborn Partners, LLC
Christine and Russ Maki
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Malloy
Anuj Maniar
Sandy and Jerry Manne
Michael and Gloria Masterson
Michelle Maton and Michael Schaeffer
Randall Mattheis
James McAuley
Archibald and Anne McClure
Christopher and Peyton Merrill
Janet and Andrew Miller
Ms. Cynthia A. Moody and Mr. Maurice Ashford
Mike Navin
Sean and Kathryn Odell
Harry and Ann Oppenheimer
Beverly and Steve Pinaire
Christine and Andrew Plautz
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Podjasek III
Carol and James Pollock
Ms. Catherine F. Quinlan
Monica Quintero Botero and Steven Perlman
Dellyn and Robert Raimondi
Brian and Michelle Rapp
Christa and Josh Reed
Greg and Katherine Rekett
Tom and Emily Reynolds
Marion and Tanner Rice
Gina Rodriguez
Ms. Anita J. Rogers
Rothman Family Foundation
Bonnie Fry Rothman and Michael C. Rothman
Philip Sailer
Denise and Mark Schmidtke
Karen and Frank Schneider
Buzz and Pat Schwandt
John and Patricia Scotellaro
Mrs. William L. Searle
Gary Shamasko
Andrew F. and Celia M. Sinclair
Robin and Steve Solomon
John and Chase Stevenson
Dawn Sullivan
Szalay Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Robert N. Szalay
The Variable Annuity Life Insurance Co
Leah and James Turner
John and Mary Swift
Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Uihlein
Anne Van Wart and Michael Keable
Mr. and Mrs. H. Thomas Watkins
Weather Mark Tavern
Miles and Kim White
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick B. Wood-Prince
Barbara Zenner


Jeanette and Alia Akroush
Erin Arnold
Darakhshinda Bari
Peter and Elizabeth Bergan Barrett
Robert and Tracy Bearden
Mr. and Mrs. Ted A. Beattie
Diane Bell and Shawna VanTrease
Sarita Bhakuni and R.L. Chalmers
Tom and Martha Biede
Eric Boberg
Steve and Mina Boruta
Kathryn Bosley
Drs. Linda and Michael Bresolin
Josefina Buan-Hickman and Lee Hickman
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Buchsbaum
John and Jackie Bucksbaum
Nancy Bugajski
Dr. Dana Buoscio and Mr. John Szewezyk
Robert and Kristy Busam
Michelle and Michelle Butler
Scot Campbell
Ezra Chaskelson
Candice Choi
Alexandra and Aaron Colin
Lorel M. Collis
Roger Conley and Taylor Lawhorn
Stephen and Helen Cox
Winnie and Bob Crawford
Marie Curatolo
Meghan and Catherine Curran
Paul Czarnowski and Jean Lee
Jill Deberardinis
Nancy Dehmlow and Cameron Dehmlow Dunne
Stephen and Annamarie DeTommaso
James and Katherine Dicke
John Emerson and Claire Denz
La and Philip Engel
Eric and Jennie Enloe
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Estey
Pat and Chris Tebbens
Marc and Susie Feldstein
Kenneth and Marsha Fischl
Richard Fluck
Nathan Fossett and Briana Sandholm
Rhoda and Jody Frank
Ms. Joanne B. Friedland
Tondalaya Gamble and Sinchieze Mwabudike
Donald and Martha Garnett
Barbara Geist
Ms. Karla S. Gillette
Lauren Giuliani and Gina Gicicco
Kenneth Pomeranz and Maureen Graves
Robert and Marietta Hance
Mary E. Harland
Sarah and Peter Harrison
Sarah Hars
Mrs. Eugene Heal
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Hebda
Tom Hennes
Robert and Konstanze Hickey
Lynnie Hickey-Mehic and Armin Mehic
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Hines
George Hrycelak
Craig Hutson
Gianna Jacobson
Joanne Benazzi Friedland Trust
Jocelyn Kress Family Foundation Trust
Lynn, George, Kathy, Tad, and Lorin Jones
Ms. Kathleen T. Jordan
Dr Mary Lawlor and Dr John Kallend
Andrew Kang and Casarine Chong
Robert and Marsha Karp
Terrence and Victoria Kearney
Denise Koehnke and Willis Ashauer
Joanne C. and Kevin A. Krakora
Mrs. Mary E. Lane
The Lau Family
Anne Lee
Sarah Leners
Kristin Lenz and Jorge Mauricio Cano
Robert Levinson
Darrell Looney and Shermian Woodhouse
Yvonne Lozano and Robert Ratz

Alexandra Lozier
Michelle Lozins
Mark and Dolly Luchini
Tamara Luchini
Wendy and Arthur Lynn
Hans and Debra Maass
Barbara and James MacGinnitie
Ms. Judith L. Macior
Matthew and Stacie Maddox
John and Joanne Madigan
Katherine Maguire
Oona and Pascal Manzari
Lida and William Marcyniuk
Beverly Martin
Megan McKitterick
Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. McQuaid
Jackie Mensik and Danielle Leonard
Bart Miller and Margaret Jeschke
Jeannette and Clinton Miyazono
Richard and Theresa Mohs
Sean Moloney
Victoria Moore and Josh Erwin
Yuvonne Moore
Mr. and Mrs. William Mowry
Sean O'Neill and Shelley Han
Peter and Lynsey Pace
Pat and Lara Pappas
Anthony Pashos
Pete Pelletier and Tammy Smith
Jason and Jacqueline Peltz
Perkins Coie Foundation
Clarisse Perrette
Michael Pfeifer
R. Allan and Summer K. Pixton
Walter and Janice Podolski
Anna Quillen
Nancy and Warren Rasmussen
Bernadette and Darrin Ray
Jeri Jay and Mark Reynolds
Linda and Harold Rosenson
Ed and Toni Roucka
Mr. and Mrs. James Ruprecht
Mr. John Salvino
Christopher and Kathleen Sandner
Eric and Shawna Schoonveld
Eric Schuetzler and Mindy Arndt
Anna Schuh
Suzanne and Ken Schulte
Mr. Charlie Schweppe
Diana Scott
David and Judith L. Sensibar
Ms. Leslie Shad and Mr. Joe Brennan
Steve and Megan Shebik
Bob and Debbie Silverstein
Mrs. Victoria Skala
Mr. Chad Slaughter
Ms. Mignon Dupepe and Mr. John Snyder
Gabi and Scott Sparacio
Paige and William Steers
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip L. Stern
James Stuart
Ms. Peri Taylor
Chris and Pat Tebbens
The Gillette Foundation
Mr. Robert M. Hickey
The Solot Family Foundation
Dr. and Mrs. Marc S. Feldstein
Zachary Turner
Virgil and Sandra VanTrease
Anita and Tom Veldman
Melanie Walker and Chad Joseph Belfor
Dr. Erma Washington and Ms. Erin A. Campbell
Joycelynn Watkins-Asiyanbi and Charles Asiyanbi
Jay and Carrie Weaver
William and Tracy Wheeler
Ms. Jean Ann White
Winnie And Bob Crawford Family Foundation
Andrea Wishom-Young and Charles Young
Susan & Robert Wislow Charitable Foundation
Andrew Witt
Melanie Wojtulewicz and Tony Crowe
Mary Katherine and Stephen Woo
Ivan Yee and Candace Hottmann-Yee
Anonymous (2)


American Agricultural Insurance Company
Baptiste & Bottle
Best Buy Foundation
BMO Harris Bank
Bridgeport Coffee
Cesars Restaurant
Drape Kings
Fellowes, Inc
Haisous Vietnamese Kitchen
Kinder Morgan Foundation
Mechanical Services Associates Corp.

Monterey Peninsula College
Nevin Hedlund Architects, Inc.
Nude Dude Food
Revel Décor
Reyes Associates Inc.
S&P Global
Shaw's Crab House
Shure Incorporated
The Haiku Foundation
Vienna Beef
Wheaton College