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Magellanic penguins swim in their habitat at Shedd Aquarium as one penguin looks on from the rocks.


Most penguin species, including Shedd’s rockhoppers and Magellanics, are found from the chilly southernmost areas of South America to the frozen terrain of Antarctica—never at the North Pole.

A rockhopper penguin stands in a nook of the penguin habitat.

Committed to penguin care

Shedd is home to two species of penguin: rockhopper and Magellanic. Besides their coloring and size, you might be able to tell them apart by how they move! Magellanics waddle, just how you think a penguin would, while rockhoppers are more likely to hop or bounce from place to place instead, just like their name suggests.

“I enjoy building the relationships. When I go out to the exhibit, several birds run over to me and want attention and tactile. That’s a highlight for me.”

Lana Gonzalez, manager of marine mammals

Saving endangered penguins

Rescued African penguin chicks need to be fed up to six times a day! See how Shedd’s Animal Response Team assists SANCCOB’s annual work to rescue abandoned African penguin chicks.


Meet the penguins

From wildly crested rockhoppers to fast-swimming Magellanics, meet the penguins that call Shedd Aquarium home.

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