Membership Auto-Renewal Program

Now you can automatically renew your Shedd membership! When you enroll in our new auto-renewal program, we’ll store your credit card information in a secure database and charge you each year before your membership expires. You’ll never have to worry about missing the benefits you enjoy and value because your membership lapsed! 

What are the benefits of auto-renewal?

  • It eliminates frequent renewal reminders, helping Shedd reduce its costs and environmental impact. You’ll receive one mailed reminder of the upcoming auto-renewal.
  • You’ll automatically receive your yearly tax acknowledgment and all of the benefits of membership at your selected level, without interruption.
  • You can opt out any time by calling us at 312-692-3284 or by visiting
  • It’s convenient! Joining this program saves you time!

This program is valid for credit card renewals only: Each year we will charge the same card 46 days before your membership expires.

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Program terms and conditions

By opting into the automatic membership renewal program with Shedd Aquarium, the enrolling member (“you” or “the member”) affirms that he/she has carefully read, understands, and agrees to the following terms and conditions:
I. Terms and fees. By opting into the automatic membership renewal program, you authorize Shedd to charge your credit card on file for your membership dues once each year. (See Section II for details about payments and billing.)

• Membership type. Your membership will be renewed at the same membership type most recently associated with the initiation of your current membership level. You may change membership levels at any point during the year and will be responsible for any additional fees associated with the new member level.
• Membership donation levels. Membership fees may change from year to year. Automatic renewals will be charged at the then-current rate.
• Membership terms of service. All Shedd memberships are valid for 365 days. Memberships are not transferable.
• Payment dates. The date on which Shedd initiates automatic renewal charges are 46 days out from your current expiration date. (See Section IV for information on notifications.)
II. No-refund policy and termination. All payments made through the automatic renewals program are nonrefundable. You may opt out of automatic renewals at any time, but all payments made prior to opting out are nonrefundable. In the case of unauthorized payments made using credit cards belonging to the member’s institution/organization/company (hereafter “institution”), a representative of the institution may contact Shedd to dispute the charge within 45 days of the transaction for review. After 45 days, disputes regarding payments made on institution credit cards will not be considered.