• Shedd Cares for Stranded Endangered Beluga Calf in Alaska

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    Shedd’s Animal Response Team is in action again, traveling to Alaska SeaLife Center to help offer around-the-clock care to a rescued beluga calf. The young whale, stranded and struggling to survive on its own, was rescued from Cook Inlet, Alaska on Saturday, Sept. 30. 

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  • Shedd Responds to an Otter in Need

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    While Shedd Aquarium’s guests and staff members celebrate Sea Otter Awareness Week, a member of our Animal Response Team is in the field in Alaska helping a sea otter pup in urgent need.

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  • Sea Otters Put Best Paw Forward—at the Windows

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    Sea otter training sessions at Shedd engage these marine mammals’ equally active minds and bodies.

    Using positive reinforcement, our trainers channel the otters’ high energy into important husbandry behaviors: stepping onto a scale to be weighed, moving from one habitat to another and even holding still—not something that comes easily for a sea otter—for a close examination. But to the otters, it’s all play.

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  • New Beluga Aurek: From the Peach State to the Windy City

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    For more than two decades, zoological facilities in North America have cooperatively managed beluga whales in professional human care. This collaboration has resulted in the births of a number of calves while maximizing genetic diversity, an important aspect of a healthy, sustainable population. To support this science-based management strategy, an adult male beluga whale at Georgia Aquarium, Aurek, was safely moved to Shedd Aquarium this week.

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  • Meet the Belugas

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    As the beluga whales glide in, around, out of and back into their Abbott Oceanarium habitats, a swirl of long white shapes, you might wonder, “How many whales am I actually seeing? How do the trainers tell them apart?”

    With a few key characteristics and enough whales within view to make comparisons, you can begin to figure out who’s whom among Shedd’s seven belugas and even get some insights into their social relationships.

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