attendees of Shedds' Biology in the BahamasI cannot sum up “Biology in the Bahamas” as part of Shedd’s Teacher Field Experience in a couple paragraphs and do it proper justice. The entire trip was filled with such a gamut of experiences. The sheer beauty and wonder of the underwater world was intense. We learned an impressive amount about the Bimini area, its geology, vegetation and fauna, both native and invasive. While the Bahamas were unforgettable, the pre- and post-trip classes were equally engaging and packed full of pertinent information. The staff did quite an excellent job at building a cohesive team of teachers while insuring we had the necessary background material so that we would get the most out of our trip.

Teaching is a tough job, and this program is exactly the sort of energizing experience that helps us recharge our batteries and have fun, while providing a venue to broaden and deepen our knowledge of science and the world we live in. I am excited about the connections that we made and look forward to a productive relationship between Shedd and my school/students. It is impossible to go through the trip and all it offered and not come out of it a better teacher!

Posted by Paula Dell, New Millennium School of Health teacher